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Ada's Technical Books

This beautiful, smart, science-obsessed bookshop—where Horizon Books used to be on Capitol Hill's 15th Avenue East—sells technical electronic manuals, computer...

Amazon Books

Amazon now has an actual bookstore in Seattle.

Arundel Books

Barnes & Noble Alderwood

Barnes & Noble Bellevue

Barnes & Noble Downtown

This is now the biggest seller of new books in downtown Seattle. Thanks a lot, Jeff Bezos.

Barnes & Noble Northgate Mall

It's like every other Barnes & Noble, only at Northgate.

Barnes & Noble South Center

Barnes & Noble Westwood Village

Barnes & Noble Woodinville

Barnes and Noble Kitsap Mall

Book Larder

It's Fremont's neato cookbook store, with cooking classes, author signings and demos, and other events, too.


Bookworm Exchange

Bureau of Fearless Ideas

The Seattle arm of the Dave Eggers-founded writing nonprofit is fronted by the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Company, which sells items for all your astronautic...

Burien Books

Chin Music Press

This is the office and storefront of local publisher Chin Music Press, which produces beautiful novels, art books, and non-fiction.

Couth Buzzard Books Espresso Buono Cafe

This used bookstore is quite the neighborhood hub, hosting a bunch of readings and open mics. There's a tasty cafe, too.


East West Bookshop

The website for this bookstore claims that it has been "serving the community's mind, body & spirit since 1989."

Edge of the Circle Books

Edge of the Circle offers up all manner of books about the supernatural, magic, and the black arts for a mostly credulous audience.

Edmonds Bookshop

Elliott Bay Book Company

Almost every day, Elliott Bay hosts a free reading at 7 pm—often featuring a widely published touring author, sometimes highlighting someone integral to Seattle...

Everett Comics


Factory vs. Academy

Located in Ballar, Factory vs. Academy serves as a local bookstore/art gallery combo. It opened in 2013 and stocks independently published books. Exhibitions at...

Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery

The storefront for Seattle's world-renowned Fantagraphics Books sells a ton of Fantagraphics titles, sure, but they also stock important comics from many other...

Folio: The Seattle Athenaeum

Folio is a cultural center for Seattle's community of readers, and has free books and programs for the community. Rich Smith says, "If young, curious people fro...

Globe Bookstore

Henry Art Gallery

Here, though this is the oldest public art museum in the state (founded in 1927), you can expect to see new art, or at least art made since around 1960. There a...

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