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Where Teapot Vegetarian House was for 1,000,000 years on 15th Avenue, Bamboo makes pho with an emphasis on the vegetarian. According to Capitol Hill Seattle Blo...

Bamboo Bar & Grill

Bamboo Garden

Bamboo Garden is heaven on earth for vegetarians/vegans when the craving for Chinese food hits. Every "meat" entrée on the menu (more than 100 [!] selections),...

Bamboo Garden Sichuan Restaurant

Bamboo Village

Right near that grazillion-way stoplight where Wallingford meets Green Lake at 50th, Bamboo Village serves dim sum every day as well as Cantonese and Mandarin d...

Bamiyan Afghani Restaurant

Banana Leaf

Bananas Grill

From their Facebook: "A Mediterranean fast food restaurant that is 100% HALAL."

Bandits Bar

Bandits, a fake Old West saloon in a ground-floor condo retail space between Lower Queen Anne and Belltown, feels highly arbitrary. The tamales, on the contrary...

Bang Bang Cafe

Bang Bar

Located in the space that Tom Yum Koong used to occupy, Bang Bar is an Asian restaurant and lounge with a lofty goal: to "provide everyone with joy and happines...

Banh 88

Banjara Cuisine of India


Bar Cantinetta

In the spot where La Cote Creperie used to be in Madison Valley, it’s a smaller, drinky version of the very good, Tuscan-style Cantinetta in Wallingford and Bel...

Bar Code

Craft cocktails in Bellevue!

Bar Cotto

Next door to his restaurant Anchovies & Olives, Ethan Stowell's smallish, windowed Bar Cotto serves salumi (including culatello, porchetta, and three kinds of p...

Bar del Corso

On Beacon Hill, you can eat home-style Filipino food at brightly lit Inay’s (and maybe catch the server’s one-person drag show). You can get really good catfish...

Bar Ferd'nand

Bar Ferd'nand is the oyster-and-wine bar in the middle of the neato hangar-like Melrose Market. It’s run by Matt Dillon of Sitka & Spruce, which is just steps a...

Bar Sajor

Bar Sajor (pronounced sigh-YOUR) is a place in Pioneer Square brought to you by Matt Dillon (Sitka & Spruce and the Corson Building, and Food & Wine’s 10 best n...

Bar Sue

Located where the ill-fated Lucky 8's used to be (that's next door to Diesel and across the street from Skillet Diner, since you probably never went there), Bar...


The Baranof is a crusty old diner that feels like it's been open forever, complete with an awesome nautical-themed dive bar that's open from 6 a.m. until 2 o'cl...


BARK! Espresso

Serving Caffe Vita coffee, with Macrina pastries and a toast bar available for eats, BARK! Espresso has joined the roster of one of Seattle's many cafes. Howeve...

Barking Dog Alehouse

Barking Frog

Barking Frog Mobile Kitchen


Renee Erickson’s teeny-tiny, Euro-style bar is attached to her renowned restaurant the Walrus & the Carpenter (making it the best-named place ever). Its short m...

Barnes & Noble Downtown

This is now the biggest seller of new books in downtown Seattle. Thanks a lot, Jeff Bezos.

Barolo Ristorante

Barolo feels posh in a generically contemporary way with its stark lines, high ceilings, mirrors, and sheer drapes. The Italian food, which can be very salty an...

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