Beautiful Creatures

Rated NR

Beautiful Creatures is passably entertaining, but like many movies geared toward teen girls, it smacks of sexism and reinforces the troubling myth that true love strikes before the SATs. It tells the story of Lena Duchannes, a beautiful orphan about to turn 16. But unlike most teenagers, she's a supernatural caster—a witch. This basically means that on her birthday, her "true nature" will decide whether she is good, evil, or worse than evil: a man-eating succubus. The good moments are not enough to save the movie, or even worth stomaching another plot that revolves around teenage codependency and the inherent evilness of women. (CIENNA MADRID)

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Film Credits
Richard LaGravenese
Emma Thompson, Jeremy Irons, Thomas Mann, Emmy Rossum, Viola Davis, Zoey Deutch, Margo Martindale, Andrea Frankle, Alden Ehrenreich, Alice Englert