El Velador

As the watchman of a splendid Mexican cemetery prepares for sleep in his little hut, we hear this report from the small black-and-white TV: “This month there are a total of 1,100 deaths; 1,100 deaths related to organized crime. That makes a total of 21,914 deaths since Calderon took office less than three years ago.” The cemetery is huge. The cemetery is growing and growing. The cemetery is practically a city. Its residents are the remains of some of the biggest names in the current drug war. During the day, pretty young women visit and clean the tombs of their fallen husbands as their children play hopscotch on the marvelous marble. Posters of the dead flap in the wind. The flowers have plenty of water. The construction workers are always busy. El Velador is cinema in a state of perfection. (CHARLES MUDEDE)

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