Wreck-It Ralph

2012 | 101 minutes | Rated PG

Q*Bert, his game long since unplugged, is a gibberish-spouting panhandler. When he’s done racking up combos in Street Fighter, Zangief finds solace at Bad-Anon, where video game villains share their vulnerabilities. For those of us raised in the Mario Age, the first few minutes of Wreck-It Ralph are like a video game Who Framed Roger Rabbit, with everyone from Sonic to Bowser stopping by. But once its nostalgic, clever opening is out of the way, Wreck-It Ralph gets significantly less fun: It’s just Toy Story in an arcade, in which Bad-Anon attendee Ralph (voiced by John C. Reilly) decides he wants to be loved—so, looking for glory, he leaves his own game, Fix-It Felix Jr., first venturing into a Halo-esque shooter, Hero’s Duty, before finding himself in the Mario Kart–inspired Sugar Rush, where he meets adorable/obnoxious kid racer Vanellope von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman). In addition to Silverman’s fantastic voice work, there’s a ton of great detail in Wreck-It Ralph—pixel-based architecture, jerky animation that emulates old Nintendo games, a vault password that’s “up up down down left right left right B A start.” But everything else is boring and bland: Characters are set on a simple trajectory, then perfunctorily march toward their destinies. (ERIK HENRIKSEN)

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Film Credits
Rich Moore
John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch, Alan Tudyk, Mindy Kaling, Joe Lo Truglio, Ed O'Neill, Dennis Haysbert, Adam Carolla, Horatio Sanz, Edie McClurg, Roger Smith, Gerald Rivers, Rachael Harris, Stefanie Scott, Reuben Langdon, Kyle Hebert