We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists


2012 | 93 minutes | Rated NR

Documentaries don’t get much more lively or timely than this. We Are Legion tells the story of hacking from its earliest days (everyone tries to forget this now, but Steve Jobs started out as a hacker) through its more recent, populist formulations. Everything you need to know about 4Chan, Anonymous, and LulzSec—from the internet-organized real-life protests of Scientology centers worldwide through WikiLeaks and the Arab Spring—is told in a zippy, highly visual style. Because it’s about the internet, there are plenty of interviews with self-important nerdy white guys, and important questions of privilege, race, and sexism are never really addressed, but this is still required viewing for those tuning in late. (PAUL CONSTANT)

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Film Credits
Brian Knappenberger