22 Jump Street


2014 | 112 minutes | Rated R

The plot, as characters point out all the way through, is basically an unimaginative rehash of the first Jump Street movie. Police officers Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) are assigned to a college to bust up a designer drug ring. But don't get me wrong: This is a funny movie. There's plenty of physical comedy, dick jokes, and situational gags, and there's a final montage that's so gonzo, so alive with tiny jokes, that I'm probably going to watch the movie again just to see all the stuff I missed because I was too busy laughing the first time.


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Film Credits
Phil Lord, Christopher Miller
Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Peter Stormare, Wyatt Russell, Amber Stevens, Jillian Bell, Ice Cube, Keith Lucas, Kenny Lucas, Nick Offerman, Jimmy Tatro, Caroline Aaron, Craig Roberts, Marc Jackson, Joe Chrest, Eddie Fernandez, Rye Rye, Johnny Pemberton, Stanley Wong, Dax Flame