Bad Black

WTF | 2016 | 68 minutes

Stranger Says:

The genius of Wakaliwood films, which are made in the slums of Kampala, the capital of the English-speaking African country Uganda, is that they cannot be improved. The way they look is exactly how they were made: with almost no money. The raw action scenes and stunts, the super-cheap CGI special effects (the kind you find on an iPhone), the poor quality of the sound, the disorderly editing, the crazy mesh of English and Swahili, and the improbable plots are precisely what make these films so enjoyable. Because the poverty of the production is so proud of itself, so brazen, so lacking in shame, it directly mocks first-world production values. If, say, the special effects were upgraded, then these films would lose a lot of their political and comic power. Another aspect of Wakaliwood films is their benshi (a performer who provides narration) bringing the whole mess together. If the benshi does not make you laugh until it hurts, then he has not done his job. Bad Black is a Wakaliwood masterpiece. (CHARLES MUDEDE)

SIFF Says:

In the tin-roofed slums on the outskirts of Uganda’s capital, a one-of-a-kind movie industry dubbed “Wakaliwood” has arisen thanks to the tireless efforts of Nabwana I.G.G., who gathers together a literal village of amateurs to produce micro-budget kick-ass films filled with stunts, plot twists, and wonderfully cheap CGI effects. Nabwana’s latest breakneck gonzo epic is the story of a ruthless crime boss whose reign is challenged by an army of police, a kindly American doctor (producer Alan Hofmanis, a fan who moved to Uganda to help spread the word about Wakaliwood), and a scrappy local boy named Wesley Snipes (!) who teaches commando-approved kung fu. Filled with prison riots, motorcycle chases, gun fights, poo-poo, and insanely entertaining hype-man narration, Bad Black is such a raucous treat that it won the Audience Award at Austin’s Fantastic Fest despite being up against established filmmakers and big-budget productions. “See a community represent itself onscreen simply because it must, the only way it knows how, with no regard for your ideas of narrative or aesthetic convention. Supa Action. Wakaliwood Forever!” ―Matt Lynch, Scarecrow Video

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Film Credits
Nabwana I.G.G.
Nabwana Gloria, Alan Ssali Hofmanis, Bisaso Dauda
SIFF 2017