African Pictures | 2017 | 90 minutes

SIFF Says:

Traveling from Dakar, Senegal, to Lagos, Nigeria, to buy goods for her women’s association, Hadjara (spectacularly played by Amélie Mbaye) is an independent woman with a job to do. Upon her journey she also meets Emma, an Ivorian retailer, who is a perpetual traveler going on 15 years; Micha, a Nigerian currently living in Burkina Faso, returning to make up with her family at her sister’s wedding; and Sali, who is carrying out an errand for her fiancé. The quartet travels across the various country borders―independent women traveling who must consistently free themselves from the men who stand in their way. Writer/director Apolline Traoré has brilliantly crafted a road movie in which women pass between countries that may have differing ideologies and procedures, but the universal challenge they face is the power that men believe they can exert over them. With a backdrop of beautiful cinematography that truly showcases the exquisite landscape of West Africa, Traoré builds the film gradually from small experiences to large dramatic gestures, eventually culminating in an epilogue of tremendous depth.

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Film Credits
Apolline Traoré
Amelie Mbaye, Naky Sy Savane
SIFF 2017