Chronicles of Hari


Contemporary World Cinema | 2016 | 105 minutes

Stranger Says:

Hari is a member of a Yakshagana theater troupe, traveling around to small towns performing traditional stories from dusk to dawn. Hari is popular for his skill at playing female characters. But Hari seems less and less inclined to return to his male self: “I can’t play one self at night and another during the day.” He faces the attitudes that plague many gender-nonconforming people: Why can’t he just try to fit in? Be what they are comfortable with? But he can’t. The ideas the film looks at are interesting, but the story is slowed by lots of pouty musing. It is beautifully shot in rural India, and the performance scenes with the elaborate makeup and costumes are neat. (GILLIAN ANDERSON)


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Film Credits
Ananya Kasaravalli
Shrunga Vasudevan, K. G. Krishanamurthy
SIFF 2017