The Door

Contemporary World Cinema | 2017 | 104 minutes

SIFF Says:

Picture your life. Through all your trials and tribulations, wins and losses, ups and downs, decisions large and small, one thing is certain: Your life is categorically yours. Now imagine you found a door to a parallel dimension that contained everything you lost, everything you gave up. Would you venture into that new world, or stay put? Tianle has found that door, hidden behind his cabinet, and he wastes no time crossing the threshold. In this new world, he seems to have it all: a college crush-turned-international-celebrity is now his girlfriend, and he’s gone from lowly mechanic to respected CEO of a high-class automobile manufacturer, lording over the same people who, one world over, made his life miserable. But perceived perfection comes with a price, discovering that his barren wife in World A now has children in World B―but with someone else. Worse, his emotional support group is in tatters in World B, finding his beloved mother deceased. As Tianle’s seemingly flawless new existence crumbles around him, he travels back and forth between the two worlds, each trip causing more disastrous ripples in his newly complicated life. The Door considers the many choices buried in everyone’s heart and encourages us to tackle them head-on.

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Film Credits
Liang Dong
JIANG Wu, JIANG Qingin, ZHU Xu, FU Ying, LI Naiwen
SIFF 2017