Yourself and Yours


Contemporary World Cinema | 2016 | 86 minutes

Stranger Says:

Hong Sang-soo’s 18th feature—all of them absurdist but humanely perceptive variations on the intractable nature of romance between men and women—sees him dolefully refining his abiding conceit, as ever played out over long, fumbling conversations fueled by soju and beer. Youngsoo, an artist whose mom is dying, is faced with jealous doubts after his imbibing girlfriend Minjung is rumored to be fooling around with other men. Hong envisions desire as its own form of duplicity, which structurally plays out in the film’s elusive and illusory replication of Minjung, who singularly (or collectively?) busts the myth of a “truly impressive man.” (JAY KUEHNER)

SIFF Says:

When his mother falls deathly ill, Youngsoo finds himself in an emotional crisis. With the shadow of his own mortality knocking on the door, he wonders if he should take the leap to start his own family and marry his longtime girlfriend Minjung. Once that idea takes root in his mind, rumors start flying about his soon-to-be-fiance: that she’s been seen drinking with other men. When Youngsoo confronts her, she adamantly denies it. Soon more and more sightings of multiple Minjungs are being reported, complicating Youngsoo’s marriage-proposal idea and seeming to manifest all of his insecurities about life and love into several physical forms. This South Korean absurdist comedy by Hong Sang-soo (Right Now, Wrong Then, Our Sunhi) is an inspired reversal of surrealist director Luis Buñuel’s masterpiece That Obscure Object of Desire, which follows one woman played by multiple actresses. Yourself and Yours is a bizarre and playful meditation on relationship hang-ups and hesitancies, and all the people we can be in the face of tragedy.

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Film Credits
Hong Sang-soo
Joohyuck Kim, Youyoung Lee
SIFF 2017