Wind River


2017 | 111 minutes | Rated R

Beginning with a scarily enigmatic midnight chase, the plot follows a Wyoming wildlife officer (Jeremy Renner) tasked with hunting predatory animals through the frozen high lonesomes. (Viewers with a fondness for wolves should be prepared to avert their eyes early on.) After discovering the corpse of a young Native American woman in the mountains, he teams with an inexperienced FBI agent (Elizabeth Olsen) to track down the killer—and as their path leads them to the local reservation, he must deal with his own ties to the deceased. As his previous screenplays have indicated, screenwriter/director Taylor Sheridan has a real gift for the tired wiseassery of lawmen, and his streak continues here, with the byplay between jaded professionals giving spark even to routine procedural scenes. (Graham Greene, as the reservation’s deadpanning sheriff, not only steals every scene he’s in, but possibly those of whatever is playing next door in the multiplex, too.) If Sheridan proves to be a little more indulgent toward moments of tough guys waxing poetic than the directors of his previous work, at least the extra words earn their keep.

Thursday 10/19


Meridian 16 (Regal)

1501 Seventh Ave
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Thurs 12:10 pm, 3 pm, 5:50 pm, 8:40 pm

Down South

Parkway Plaza

5910 South 180th Street
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Thurs 2 pm, 4:45 pm, 8:15 pm

Out of Town

Longston Place

13317 Meridian St E
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Thurs 12:45 pm, 3:30 pm

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Film Credits
Taylor Sheridan
Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen, Gil Birmingham, Jon Bernthal, Julia Jones, Kelsey Asbille, James Jordan, Martin Sensmeier, Ian Bohen, Matthew Del Negro, Eric Lange, Hugh Dillon, Teo Briones, Tara Karsian, Tokala Clifford, Blake Robbins, Graham Greene