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When you say the Monkees didn't mean much to us, to whom are you referring? Everyone at the Stranger? I was surprised when there was no comment on Megan's posting about Davy's death. I grew up and became a punk rocker and love all kinds of music, independent and otherwise, but my love of music, my love of everything rock and roll, including my love of rocker boys of all kinds started when I was 5 years old and watching re-runs of the Monkees on TV. I wanted to grow up and live by the beach with my friends and be in a band.

My first concert at the age of 5 was Jones/Dolenz/Boyce/Hart touring doing Monkees' songs. My first concert at the age of 14 was the Monkees' 20th reunion tour. I'm not ashamed of it. You have no idea what my life was like and how some sugary '60s pop music made by a so-called fake group was exactly what I needed to make it through. I think people who bash the Monkees haven't heard 98% of their music and find it easier to diss something about which they know nothing. While most of their fans at the time didn't get it at all - let us remember the Monkees took Jimi Hendrix on tour with them as an opening act. The Monkees mean as much to my obsession with music as Nirvana does. I appreciate the few comments you mentioned here in your article, but searching the internet the last two days there is so much more. The Monkees made an impression upon and informed many a musician. I remember roller skating to Run DMC's version of Mary Mary when I was a young teenager. RIP Davy Jones.
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