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If there's proof and documentation on a males brain development not reaching maturity until mid 20's, why is the bill only relating to persons prior to reaching 18 year's of age and under. Although, a person is 18 their still not considered and adult to purchase liquor or go into a casino not until age 21, so there's some discrepancy there. Shouldn't the bill say 24 and under.Please read: 20s and beyond According to recent findings, the human brain does not reach full maturity until at least the mid-20s. (See J. Giedd in References.) The specific changes that follow young adulthood are not yet well studied, but it is known that they involve increased myelination and continued adding and pruning of neurons. As a number of researchers have put it, "the rental car companies have it right." The brain isn't fully mature at 16, when we are allowed to drive, or at 18, when we are allowed to vote, or at 21, when we are allowed to drink, but closer to 25, when we are allowed to rent a car.
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