CAPITOL HILL A proposal to build 11 cottages on an empty lot at 24th Avenue East and East Thomas Street has residents in a huff. The lot is currently zoned to accommodate just three houses. The city council would have to approve any decision to rezone the land as multifamily. Plans describe an ultramodern, eco-friendly cluster of homes, with parking spaces, green roofs, and toilets flushed with storm water. Some neighbors aren't buying it. "Parking, declining property values, congestion. All of the above," says neighbor Eileen Maloney. Maloney says density is already threatening her quality of life and recounts the experience of playing chicken with another driver down a stretch of street lined with parked cars. She got out of her car and yelled. He yelled back. "There's a tenor of anger that's building with increased density," she says. "It's really unpleasant." SQUIRE PARK Waid's, on 12th Avenue East and East Jefferson Street, has an unusual wall decoration for a neighborhood bar: a window-sized copy of the city noise ordinance. The sign isn't there to remind customers to stay quiet; it's making a political statement. Since employees of the Haitian bar and lounge started keeping track on September 23, police officers have stopped by 16 times in response to neighbors' noise complaints. But owner Waid Sainvil says he's installed over $10,000 worth of soundproofing and says the noise from the bar is rarely audible outside the building. He thinks the neighbors and the city are trying to accumulate complaints against the business so the liquor board will not renew its license. —AV, SM