Steven Weissman

I get it. Pot, that magical weed, is legal. You can buy it, carry it, and smoke it. Nobody can touch you. Life is good. Listen up, you arrogant jerks, it is still ILLEGAL to smoke the damn thing in the streets. Go home. Go to a friend's. Go to one of the more private public spots. I don't want to smell your stupid dope when I'm walking around, much less in my OWN APARTMENT where I can't get away from it. It's summer, you inconsiderate jackasses. I have very little choice but to open my windows and turn on the fan. It sucks your stinky smoke right inside. And it does stink. Like a skunk. Yes, you now smell like a skunk. Congratulations. I suppose you think I'm some prissy antidrug moron. Au contraire, skunky. I voted for the legalization of marijuana because it isn't that dangerous and does have some medical uses that should be explored. I don't care if people get high. Just do it far away from me and my windows. Show some fucking courtesy.