Sailing the Seas of Lesbian Sleaze

What gives? Why are the shelves of gay porn twice the size of the straight porn and the "lesbian section"? Doesn't lesbian porn exist? All those sailors on the Lesbianic Sea aren't really happily whacking away to Twink Party 4, Night at the Ramrod, are they? Queer girls can't be happy with porn for queer boys. I used to work at a magazine store on Broadway. The night shift. After I'd pillaged all the soulless fashion and music mags, I'd move on to the porn. Along with Hustler, Genesis, and Club International, I'd always grab a copy of On Our Backs. Remember that magazine? It was real—no gay-for-pay, French-manicured fakers, just real lesbos having hotter-than-you-know-how-to real sex. But where did On Our Backs go? A quick trip to the internet shows that the magazine bit it in 2006. Nan Kinney, one of its creators, now runs, where you can buy all sorts of authentic girl-girl porn, including The Crash Pad, winner of "Hottest Dyke Sex Scene" at the Feminist Porn Awards, and Hard Love & How to Fuck in High Heels, which took an AVN Award for Best All-Girl Feature. Dyke porn is alive and well.

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