Kelly O

Next time you're planning a trip to Las Vegas, and you can't decide whether to stay in the cheapo Stratosphere or spring for the bling of the Venetian, please remember that every year, most of the afterparties of the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, the "porn convention," are held, discreetly, in the upper floors of the Venetian Hotel. Those seemingly nice rooms are host to parties where, this year, in addition to this bathtub full of free booze, I saw a man get fisted on a coffee table; a woman tumble off a stripper pole; a couple have sex in a tiny hotel armchair;, I let a drunk fag in too-small hot-pink lingerie spank me; I watched a guy give a blowjob to girl in a sex swing, then realized it was Ron Jeremy; I saw a woman blow a bubble out of a her hoo-hoo; and then met a girl named Rugburns The Clown.

These parties enforce a strict no-camera policy. But! If you want to see some video footage from the 2008 AVN, including what's new in sex toys with Dan Savage and an interview with pornographer Joe Gallant, go to