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Demon Dreams

Thurs-Sat at 8 pm, with occasional midweek shows. Through Nov 10. This event has passed.   |   $12-$18 West of Lenin, 203 N 36th St, 206-352-1777
"Directed by West of Lenin's owner/proprietor A. J. Epstein, Demon Dreams opens with the sounds of a splattering storm (the night I attended, that could've been piped in from outside) and a trio of demons in a post-apocalyptic world sitting around a campfire, discussing the deliciousness of babies. Soon, three immortal women dressed in white arrive, and a storytelling battle commences. The immortals want to convince (or remind) the demons of the true story behind the disappearance of humanity; the demons mostly just want a snack. They all take turns telling (and editing) each other's stories and acting them out, occasionally over a beat." (Anna Minard)

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West of Lenin

203 N 36th St
Seattle, WA, 98103 (Fremont)
(206) 352-1777