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Vote Love at Cupcake Royale

Nov. 1-6 2012 This event has passed.   |   Free Cupcake Royale, 1111 E Pike St, 206-328-6544
Posting photos of yourself doing mundane things (eating pho with my bf!, check out my adorable wittle kittie!, zomg I’m sooooo tired of hw guyz :[ ) on the internet is usually a big waste of time—sorry, no one cares. However, if you post a picture of yourself voting in the upcoming election anytime between November 1 and November 6, Cupcake Royale will give you a free mini cupcake or scoop of ice cream! Finally, tangible, delectable validation of your internet persona! Also: VOTE!

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Cupcake Royale

1111 E Pike St
Seattle, WA, 98122 (Capitol Hill)
(206) 328-6544

Daily 7 am-11 pm