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Mandy Greer: We Live Our Patient Day’s Allotted Span

Sat Dec 22, 6-9 pm This event has passed.   |   Free NEPO House, 1723 S Lander St
Mandy Greer, Paul Margolis, and Hazel Margolis recently spent a five week residency in Iceland as part of Mandy's ambitiously ambiguous Solstenen project. This show, We Live Our Patient Day’s Allotted Span, presents some of the generation-and-medium-spanning work that came out of that residency. Also, there will be heart shaped waffles.

NEPO House

1723 S Lander St
Seattle, WA, 98144 (Beacon Hill)

Wed & Thurs 12-2 pm, first Saturday 6-8 pm.