Girl You Know It’s True

Thurs-Sat at 8 pm. Through April 5. This event has passed.   |   $15-$20 Theatre Off Jackson, 409 Seventh Ave S, 206-340-1049
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"Girl You Know It's True, a comedy by Bixby Elliot, is told in interspersed scenes from two parallel plots: a made-up one about a white, gay playwright who finds sudden success when he starts submitting his work as other people—a heterosexual French Korean man, an African American lesbian in a wheelchair—and the true history of Milli Vanilli. Director Ed Hawkins seems most comfortable when Girl is humming along at farce-level speed. He and his actors revel in the comedy and appear to just tolerate the play's earnest patches as the cost of doing business. In this, they're simply following the script's lead, which liberally doles out the one-liners but whose serious dialogue reads like a chore. " (Brendan Kiley)

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Theatre Off Jackson

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