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The Stranger's Guide to Bumbershoot 2016: The only guide you need for the best Labor Day weekend of your life!

That Bumbershoot Lineup Leak Is Probably Fake

12 Things Overheard at Bumbershoot 2015

Flying Lotus and Melvins Dominated Bumbershoot

F-You Rain! Hello, Babes in Toyland!

Drunk of the Week's Rules For Bumbershoot

Bumbershoot "Polaroids"

Bumbershoot Crush: Kitty Wu

What I Learned at Bumbershoot 2014

Gimme Your F*cking... Bumbershoot Fashion!

Wu-Tang Fans Ain't Nothin' To F*ck With!

Bumbershoot Crush: Bobbi Rich

An Exceptionally Billed Three-Day Music Festival

LET'S at Bumbershoot! And on Our Bumbershoot Cover!

Photo of the Week: Bumbershoot Cometh!

Our Guide to the Best Bumbershoot EVER!!!

Illustrated Guides to the Replacements, Jonathan Richman, and Elvis Costello! A Quiz on the Best/Worst Rap Lyrics! An All-Native Art Exhibit! And Our Thoughts About Every Single Band Playing This Weekend!

The Entire Lineup

Including What We Think of Every Single Band Playing Bumbershoot This Year

A Master Class in Comedy with the Onion, The Simpsons, and More

Bumbershoot Is Funnier (and Smarter About Being Funny) This Year Than Ever Before

Never Heard of 'Em vs. Heard of 'Em

Our City Hall Reporter Listens to Big Star for the First Time and Our Biggest Music Nerd Responds

An Illustrated Guide to Jonathan Richman

LOL-apalooza! A Guide to Bumbershoot's Comedy Offerings

The Lineup Is So Good, It Makes Up for That Crappy Headline

Disorienting, Hilarious Negativland Will Dazzle and Enlighten You

An Interview with a God-Agitating Member of the Highly Experimental Group
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