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Decoding the Queen Gene in Ratatat's DNA

Evan Mast Talks Brian May, Remixing Björk, and Magnifique, Their First LP in Five Years

Basic Witch

The Star of Wicked's Touring Company Opens Up About Hating Dorothy and Identifying with the Big Bad Wolf

This Charming Ass

Punk Trio Charms Talk Spacemen, Talismans, and the End of the World

The Feel Is There

The Helio Sequence Refuse to Let Perfection Ruin a Good Song

Trans Am's Pyroclastic Fun

Rolling Sinister and Clean with the Synth-Rock Stallions


It's an Installation in Honor of the Character of Capitol Hill, and Developers Can't Have It

Pickwick's Pockets of Latent Anger

Frontman Galen Disston Talks Anger, Masculinity, and Autobiographical Writing

I Never Thought I Made Wimpy Ballads: An Interview with Barry Manilow

Related Topics: Organic Broccoli, Omelet Bars, How Success Makes You an Asshole

Little Dragon's Big Voice

An Interview with Yukimi Nagano

Searching for the Sound Garden with Local Psych-Rockers Wind Burial

Related Topics: Alice in Wonderland, Meditating Rabbits, Potential Apocalypse

Nothing Says Mother's Day Like Childbirth

Side-Project Supergroup Finally Opens Up About How Hard It Is to Be Funny and Popular at the Same Time

How Is Mastodon Like a Naked Mole Rat?

A Better Question Might Be: How Is Mastodon NOT Like a Naked Mole Rat?

Two Gallants Talk Gender Fluidity, Unruly Dogs, and Their Refusal to Play "Love Gun" by KISS

Trent, Meanwhile, Introduces His Submarine Theory

Faith No More Return with Sol Invictus, Their First Album in 18 Years

Don't Worry, It's Not Nu Metal

Belle & Sebastian's Stuart Murdoch Describes the Dance-Funk Transformation of the Twee Amigos

Related Topics Include: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, the Eurovision Song Contest, Grits

If You Like Nudity, You'll Love This Interview

Uh, with the Singer/Guitarist of the Band Nudity

Seattle's OCnotes Aims Deep on Color Wheel, His Best Record Yet

A Brief Survey of His Influences, from Marvin the Martian to Marvin Gaye

Denny Laine of Wings and the Moody Blues Talks Rock 'n' Roll Longevity

"There Is No Formula. You Just Do It."

"Fine, I'm Having a Midlife Crisis"

Caribou's Dan Snaith Comes to Terms with Being Accessible

Karl Denson's Not-So-Tiny Universe

The Sax Legend Talks Beastie Boys, Run-DMC, and Seeing Mick Jagger's "Busy Face" (Ewww)

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Love as Laughter's Sam Jayne Hatches Pop Jalopies

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The War on Drugs' Adam Granduciel Discusses the Joys of Hitting the Wrong Pedal

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Thunderpussy's Venus Flytrap Is Sprung

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Glitterbang Are Safe as Kittens, Relax, Would You?

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Sharon Van Etten in the Distance at 3 a.m.

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Slip into Something a Little More Comfortable with the Crap

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Pelican's Wreckage Forms Large Game

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Meshell Ndegeocello, Citrine Baron

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Nova High School, the Launching Pad

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Eagulls Time-Lapsed a Rotting Brain

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Country Lips, a Merry Band of Shitkickers

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Die Antwoord Make You Get Upside Down with Chocolate Sauce

RiFF RAFF Needs His Own Roller Coaster

After I Got Off the Phone with RiFF RAFF, I Got on the Phone with Six Flags

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MONO Make Glaciers, Then Tear Them Down

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Lou Reed Answers Questions Intended for Macaulay Culkin's Pizza Underground

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Snoop Dogg Brings Us His Wellness Retreat Tour

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Goat Don't Do That Voodoo That You Do

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Factory Floor's Minimal Joystick Disco

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Sharon Jones, Indomitable Powerhouse of Soul

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Beard Tips and Spinning Guitars with ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons

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The Sword Is Derivative of the Derivative

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J.C. Satàn's Five-Piece French Fuzz

Kinski's Cosy Moments and Pure Volume

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Kinski's Cosy Moments and Pure Volume

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Sun Kil Moon's Mark Kozelek and the Lifelines of Benji
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