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Earl Sweatshirt and the Tell Tale Flea

"99 Problems but Mitt Ain't One"

Eff Blank Blank Blank This Band

The Siren of the Right

A Cut Off Johnson

Dueling Choruses

You Can't Campaign in Retrospect

"Buchanan and John Breckenridge"

Franklin Pierce: What a Fuckup!

Only a Nerd Could Love This Song

Old Rough and Ready

Cool Story, Polk

A-Drinkin' and A-Votin'

You Know, for Kids!

Make a Note of It: Andrew Jackson Kicked Some Ass

Fear and Terror for President

That's How You Sell a Guy

Thomas Jefferson, Fiery Bigots, and The Gobby-O

White House Music: "Adams and Liberty"

White House Music: "Follow Washington"

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