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Jun 1, 2012 I am that I am commented on Republican Poll Confirms Burner the Clear Democratic Frontrunner in WA-01.
This confirms my worst fears. Darcy, if she wins in the primary will lose the election. by running now she hurts the two credible Dems chances.

It is also clear this district will be decided by the independent voter .... few of whom want Burner.
May 27, 2012 I am that I am commented on Slog Bible Study: Genesis 2:25.

Adam and Eve were married under Jewish Law. When they made the first coupling, each recited the ritual phrase .... "with this fuck, I do thee we'd."

The ritual requires kosher witnesses. Of course I was there.
May 19, 2012 I am that I am commented on State Senate Republican Budget Chief Joe Zarelli Decides Not to Seek Re-election.
This is really odd. Zarelli seemed headed for high office. Is there a back story? What is his relationship to MKenna?
Feb 7, 2012 I am that I am commented on Where's the Money Going to Come From to Fix Higher Education? "It's Above My Pay Grade," Answers UW President Michael Young.
While Goldy obsesses about Michael Young's pay, SLOG has not told us about the Republican State Senator who has proposed ADDING $900 million dollars to higher education!

Go To The-AVE.US : http://handbill.us/?p=13222

Michael Baumgartner, (R Spokane) has offered a constitutional amendment that wold require the State "fully fund" higher education. To add to the mix, Senator Baumgartner is running for US Senate against Maria Cantwell!

Of course, Senator Baumgartner claims that we can pay for this w/o raising taxes. It seems to me that the Dems, especially progressives, should support this amendment if only to force the issue of tax reform.
Dec 26, 2011 I am that I am commented on The 4-Day School Week: Republican Education "Reform" in Action.
I bet we could save more money by selling our unwanted female children as maids in Saudi Arabia!
Dec 26, 2011 I am that I am commented on The 4-Day School Week: Republican Education "Reform" in Action.
Imagine the amusement this will provoke in Dehli, Beijing, and Pyongyang!
Oct 5, 2011 I am that I am commented on iPhone 4S: It's the Software, Stupid.
David seems to think the Beetles still own the Apple brand.

The iphone is fine, especially now they even let you choose between three of the (largest) cell providers. BUT it is behind the times and falling back further because of Apple's business model.

Remember SONY? They were the Apple of the day. They invented the transistor radio, high quality "trinitron" TVs, walkmen, then ....

Betamax lost out to the more universal VHS.
SONY's products had to compete for mass market attention with Panasonic, Korea and GE.

That si where APPLE is today. For all their fandom, the actual stuff they offer is pretty generic and their business m odel restricts the vlaue of APPLE's hardware.

Look at the Fire (what I call Applesauce). Amazon has out an elegant front end on an android and backed it up with an open access set of cloud resources that anyone can use from ANY android. adly, ZApple to make a buck limits access to some of these resources. Why buy music from iTUNES when you have open markets on Amazon or Kobe?

As for "Siri" ... Androiud has a much more powerful set of tools for free and for a couple of bucks you can go even further with Vliingo or Nuance's dragon speak.

So, the emaciated successor and clone of the JObs, really has a problem. Rightly or wrongly fanboys like Goldy see themselves as ambassadors form StarTrek. When Kirk's gadgets are no longer impressive to the natives, it is less cool to role play Captain Kirk!
Sep 28, 2011 I am that I am commented on Will Amazon's Fire Sale Scorch Apple?.
Who buys Tablets:
Apple Fans .. this wiil not go away. The Fandom is a lot like evangelicals.

Casual users who want o consume media, but are not fan boys. Apple just lost that market.

Techies who want to play games. Ditto.

Techies who want to custominze etc. This isa smaller market but Android (eg the Xoom) already outclasses the iPAD there and there is nothing to prevent Amazon from competing there as well.

Readers. If the function of the Fire is to sell Amazon stuff, Amazon already KNOWS how to sell their stuff on androids and PCs. App;e too, but why the f. would they do that as long as Jobs & co continue to want a 30% cut.

Corporate and business world . Watch out everyone, Microsoft is targeting that with a smart cruise missile called Wind. 8. Wind 8 integrates with the workplace just as Fire integrates with the market place.

Hanavee's AAPL stock is in trouble. Time to sell, Buy Bezos.
Sep 28, 2011 I am that I am commented on Will Microsoft Make More Money from the Kindle Fire than Amazon?.
Poor Goldy.

All that APPLESAUCE stock.
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