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Sep 18, 2011 Kathy Lambert commented on There but for the Grace of $20 Go We: Pierce Transit Slashes Service 35 Percent.
For clarification " passing off" the threat meant passing it to the sheriff and security to investigate. I can assure you that the threat was taken seriously both at work and at home.
As you may have seen in the news this weekend, Pierce County Transit is cutting their bus schedule by 35%. This is what we are trying to avoid in King County. Having a well functioning transit infrastructure is an important asset to the county.
Metro has made many changes and has had two audits as well as the Senate Transportation Committee to evaluate their changes and improvements. The Senate felt they had done a good job and authorized the $20 fee for TWO years. At that point the state is to come up with another sustainable plan and/or it go to a required vote of the people. The fee will raise $25 million each year, on a $60 million deficit. So more cuts will be required and efficiencies. There will be some reserves spent to do this, but it will not all be spent. One of the aspects of the new plan is Right Size Buses. That allows smaller more economical buses to run in routes where the ridership is lower. When tolling begins in December, we expect an increase in ridership demand again. That is not the time to be having a 17% reduction in buses.
As for some of the info on costs per Metro - you might want to go to the Metro website and look under "Peer Review". That will give more accurate data on how they compare to other transit agencies across the country.
Thanks - Kathy Lambert
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Sep 18, 2011 Kathy Lambert commented on Council Members Received Death Threats Over $20 Car Tab Fee (Update).
For clarification "passed it off" means passed it to the sheriff and security for their investigation. I can assure you the threats were taken seriously both at work and at home.
You may have seen recent news in Pierce County, they are reducing their bus service by over 30% . That is what we are trying to avoid in King County. Keeping our transportation infrastructure operating helps all of us to have a better quality of life!
Thanks - Kathy Lambert

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