Jun 25, 2014 albeit commented on Savage Love.
@42 Kes
'In regards to the "benefits" of abortion, that to me is secondary to building an larger understanding the abortion is NECESSARY in many cases.'

Thank you for that. New York Magazine did an interesting article last year:

Jun 25, 2014 albeit commented on Savage Love.
'I could imagine those men becoming all sentimental about the child they'd have liked to have while still not acknowledging the realities of pregnancy, childbirth, child care, and child support since they still haven't done it.'

They need to get some *empathy*; Walk a mile in someone else's shoes.
Jun 22, 2014 albeit commented on Savage Love.
@387 avast2006
' which is itself ironic because the reason it continues is that I made note of a #notallmen-related phenomenon that the women in the thread are themselves doing'

This sentence don't make sense. What's ironic? And what are the women doing?
Jun 22, 2014 albeit commented on Savage Love.
@342 nocutename

Thanks for reminding me of all the great men in my life: my father, my brothers, all the other men in and around my life. They are truly gems. I choose to work on projects with good men; the days are too long to suffer fools. Thankfully I have a choice in not working with them.

I realized why I never had a man step in and intervene for me before: when the harassments have happened, I have either been alone (or with a girlfriend) or so many people around, I didn't know who did it (getting my crotch grabbed at concerts / subways). Why is this? These men are bullies and cowards. They would never pull this shit if I was with my dad, brother, boyfriend or male colleague. That's pathetic. The same way Allen thinks it's OK to make sexual jokes around subordinates but not his boss or clients. That's some cowardly bullshit.

Recently, I was on a project and as I was running out of the office, this man hissed in my ear 'Something something blah blah your pussy'. In this small office were 10 people and no one heard what he said. I turned to him and said 'Really?'. What I should have said: "Why don't you tell the whole room what you just told me?'.

The remaining 2 weeks of the project I avoided him, refused to ride in vehicles with him and ate meals by myself. He wanted me to feel shitty. And guess what? It worked.
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@343 phaedo

*checks vagina*

Nope, my vagina is fine.
Jun 21, 2014 albeit commented on Savage Love.
@320 Hunter
'Sorry, ladies, it might be exciting to be fought over, but let's try to discourage male fighting.'

I can't figure out if it's *hero worship*, willful ignorance or some anachronistic mindset, but I'm beginning to think you are not in touch with reality. As in present day. This isn't Knights of the Roundtable and maidens in distress. Or worse female apes presenting their vaginas in estrus.

Do you interact with women in a contemporary setting? I feel like you live in some fantasy world. Perhaps CG movies, Sci-Fi lit or Sims?

You really need to connect to the contemporary world. Women are people, not characters or objects to be manipulated for your titillation or pleasure.

You need to get a grip. And come back to reality.
Jun 21, 2014 albeit commented on Savage Love.
@312 alyssab
*"men respect men more than a girl's right to say no"*

This is the crux of the matter right here. Because women are not respected as autonomous beings, their wants and needs are not important as men's. It's as if these women are not being heard / their opinions don't matter.

Why does that feel so familiar?
Jun 21, 2014 albeit commented on Savage Love.
@306 nocutename
' I'd like to know what prevents you from extending the sympathy, even the righteous anger I sure as hell hope you'd feel, to all women.'

Lack of *empathy*? See also: Sociopathy.
Jun 21, 2014 albeit commented on Savage Love.
'Why do women spend much more than men on their appearance? The utterly shallow answer is, according to Kes, the patriarchs have forced mothers everywhere to give pretty things to their daughters and keep them from rough play.'

Well, according to science, parents place an emphasis on a daughter's appearance that isn't placed on sons. Parents are more likely to google 'Is my son gifted?' and 'Is my daughter overweight?'. Boys are taught to focus on their intelligence and skills and girls their appearance. From cradle to the grave. But don't trust me, read for yourself:

Jun 20, 2014 albeit commented on Savage Love.
@271 Holmes
'And eventually, the doctor is going to suggest that the patient seek help for that underlying condition.'

What underlying condition? Misogyny?

'There comes a time for us when the listening is done and there is something to do. By us, by the women, by society in general. But what is it?'

If you want to fix things, get out your tool box. First legislatively. Don't vote in assholes like Todd 'Legitimate Rape' Akins and the like. Vote NO on bills that limit women's reproductive choices. Write your congressman and senator. Call out your friends, colleagues, relatives when they mistreat and disrespect women. Tell them that it's not OK. If you see a woman in a dangerous or threatening situation, come to her aid.

Sadly, many men minimize or dismiss our concerns. Hopefully other men will listen to you.