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Dec 5, 2011 FlyontheWall commented on ‘The Descendants’.
One of the best movies I've seen this year. And (not-so-secret spoiler alert!) ..... This is the first movie or media I've seen that deals with a coma in a realistic way. Those pretty people who look like they're just asleep? Yeahh...that doesn't happen in this film. They'd only make it more realistic if they showed the edema.

What results is a movie that grabs you by the gut and makes you feel more empathy than pretty much any other fictional film you'll see this year. And yet, you laugh, you grow to like these complex people, and you're excited to see where the story takes them all.
Oct 15, 2011 FlyontheWall commented on Fuck You, Big Banks.
Surprised nobody mentioned Verity Credit Union. There's lots of great benefits to banking with them, including a free coin machine---directly deposits your piggy bank into your checking account. High interest rates on your checking account. $25 in ATM refunds each month (use any ATM you want! That ATM fee will get refunded at the end of the month!), worldwide. Only 1% exchange fee on purchases in Canada (Wells Fargo charges 3%). Free checks. They deposit $25 for each direct deposit account you set up. You even get $25 when a friend says they heard about Verity through you.
Sep 20, 2011 FlyontheWall commented on About Last Night's Angsty Meeting on Density in the Roosevelt Neighborhood.
@13 I think if you actually listened to the Roosevelt folks, you'd hear that they're OK with the transition from single family units in their zones to multifamily and higher rise complexes. Also, there's plenty of nearby properties primed for upzoning, that don't have the same issues as the Sisely property in question. There's a high rise, mixed use complex breaking ground, occupying an entire block, just 3 blocks west of the light rail site. There's plenty of underused land, vacant for years, on 75th, there's several sites combined on Roosevelt, 8th st. NE, and 65th that could be upzoned. To say that this one site is the end-all-be-all of density is a little much.
Sep 20, 2011 FlyontheWall joined My Stranger Face
Sep 20, 2011 FlyontheWall commented on About Last Night's Angsty Meeting on Density in the Roosevelt Neighborhood.
Cienna, it'd be great if you quoted someone other than Seattle Transit Blog in this piece.

The meeting was packed, with some reporting 500+ people there. The concerns of the neighbors broke down into:

-We're all for density, our neighborhood map would add 10,000+ units, more than the proposed changes.
-We don't want 85' density where the slumlord is proposing it. Our neighborhood plan was approved, why is the slumlord coming in to change it?
-We want pedestrian corridors to handle the large flow of foot traffic from surrounding neighborhoods to the transit center.
-Why isn't sound transit increasing density at their site? Why are they creating a one to two story building? The transit site should be mixed use.
-The design of the Sisley building is out of scale with anything around any other school, and there's safety concerns about essentially walling off the high school from the neighborhood.
-This slumlord does not need 85' to build and improve the land, he could have, at any time in the last 30 years, built up this area.