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Nov 3, 2011 jackson5 commented on Bisexuals.
Lady Day, you haven't said anything that the other posters haven't said. Congrats, you're a tape recorder. Good day!!
Oct 31, 2011 jackson5 commented on Bisexuals.
Robyn Ochs is entitled to her opinion but I disagree, and am not "biphobic" for doing so. Thank you very much. :-)
Oct 27, 2011 jackson5 commented on Bisexuals.
"LMAO Jackson5 is a typical biphobic gay man".

This cute little term "biphobic" is the real source of humor here.

"Anyone that's sexually attracted to both men and women is a "true bisexual" and you don't have to be 50/50, have sex with both genders, or be equally sexually and romantically attracted to both genders in order to be a "true bisexual".

Says you. Who made you the authority?
Oct 25, 2011 jackson5 commented on Bisexuals.
"Sexuality is not based on relationships or emotional attractions. It's based on who you're actually sexually attracted to. Bisexuals are sexually attracted to both genders and it doesn't have to be equal or 50/50, gay men like myself and Jackson5 are only sexually attracted to men. Fact!"

No, that is your (say it with me) O-PIN-ION, one that does not make any sense because you insinuate that getting aroused in order to willingly have sex with someone does not equal sexual attraction to them when in fact it does, you just happen to not identify emotionally with the experience, hence the necessity of considering both emotional and physical when determining whether one is gay, bi or straight, etc. You sound to me like someone who is gay with an extreme, rather than low, moderate or high preference for the same sex, and sensibly, identifies as gay, even though you are categorically bisexual (though not a TRUE bisexual as they are 50/50), and CAN if you wanted to, claim that title. IMO, if we're not talking about true bisexuality, then it doesn't really count.
Oct 10, 2011 jackson5 commented on Bisexuals.
"like Jackson5 wrote they're not sexually attracted to women at all".

Where did I write that? Your entire analysis of my post is skewed since I didn't write that.

"Jackson5-It doesn't matter what someone self identifies as, if they're sexually attracted to both men and women- as you don't need to fall in love or want relationships with both genders to be bisexual, then they're bisexual even if they want to claim that they're somehow "gay" or "straight".

You don't have to tell me that identification does not necessarily mean anything. I could have sworn that that is a point I made in my last post. Conversely, it could mean everything. I'm sure many trans would agree. Secondly, why should I or anyone else defer to your criteria of bisexuality, homosexuality etc? Every definition of sexual orientation that I've read does NOT omit the emotional attraction. Moreover, sexual attraction cannot always be taken at face value. Fact!
Sep 22, 2011 jackson5 commented on Bisexuals.
Failure to affirm does not equal discrimination.
Open-mindedness, ability to perform sexually, curiosity, experimentation or other incidental lusts do not equal bisexuality. I am a "5" that has banged two girls out of curiosity. Big deal! There is nothing else they can do for me as sexual orientation is about relationships and ideals, not orgasms, the latter of which is often guided by a mysterious part of our nature that need not be affirmed - accepted but not celebrated. Yes, that means that there are many non-existent bisexuals, not because bisexuality doesn't exist but because not everyone choosing that identification, should be choosing it. In my opinion, some people's muddled/loose definition of bisexuality is the Achilles heel of this entire issue. So many get emotional and hysterical, but simply put, if there are any qualitative/quantitative differences about one's desire for the sexes, he or she probably is not bisexual. On a side note: it's it ironic (while on the subject of discrimination) that many self-proclaimed bisexuals do in fact discriminate between the sexes in one way or the other? I hope what I stated illustrates how this issue is not simply about declaring the existence or non-existence bisexuality, but rather arguing the legitimacy of some people's choosing of that label. Not all so-called biphobes or people who express less than full celebration of someone's declaration of bisexuality are "gold star" or "straight as an arrow". Again, a Kinsey "5" here with no internalized biphobia, just a lot of introspection.
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Sep 21, 2011 jackson5 commented on Bisexuals.
"@210-Boogie It's not the fault of us bisexuals that you were closeted and chickenshit and knew that you're gay yet didn't come out and lied about your actual sexuality instead of just saying how you're gay".

Did he say that it was bisexuals' fault? Stop being hysterical.

"No not all bisexuals do or even want to, or always can hide as "heterosexuals". It's like
someone who is a gay man or lesbian, hiding as a heterosexual it does not work. There are bisexuals who only fall in love with the same gender and are more sexually attracted to the
same gender, or who have same gender partners and they certainly did not have a "choice" in
their sexual partner and pretending to be Hetero isn't an option for them".

That's so funny to me. If you're truly bisexual, why WOULDN'T you have the ABILITY to completely and happily assimilate into either a gay or straight identity? It seems that some people want those Kinsey 2's and 5's to be counted as bisexual on a technicality. Though in reality they should just be considered homo or hetero flexible. More often than not, for those falling into that group, there is no stable orientation towards both genders - usually just some type of sexual partialism, or intermittent or subtle attraction that may not even be that sexual in nature to the gender other than the primary gender. Being a "5" myself, I CAN identify as bisexual is I wanted to, but I choose not to, and don't feel that anyone else should either.
And I'm willing to bet that many of the "bisexual" activists criticizing Dan here have an actual experience similar to that of mine - being a 5 that is, but like many in this "GLBT" community, have a penchant for drama. I guess with there being so many advances made in gay civil rights, people are getting bored, and need a "new" battle to fight to add some excitement to their lives. Yawn!! Incidentally, I will also bet that only a few, if any at all, of Kinsey 1's ever bitch about so-called biphobia. Marinate on why that is.

"Persecution of bisexuals is just as bad as homophobia and persecution of gay men and lesbians is. Do you actually think that just because gays and lesbians are not being persecuted that this somehow means that discrimination against bisexuals doesn't happen? Or that bisexuals somehow have it "Easier" than gays and lesbians do and that no real discrimination happens against us"?

What kind of discrimination? Seems to me that outside relationship issues, there is no discrimination of bisexuality per se in the way that matters - legally.

"If we eradicated bisexuals from gay men’s sexual, romantic, and relationship lives, who would be left"?

Gay men? Just a wild guess.