It's not very popular.

Apr 4 kbatku commented on The Man Seattle Police Killed Yesterday: 26-Year-Old Chef Cody Spafford.…

Here's the YouTube video of the police killing in Selah (suburb of Yakima). The action heats up about 3 minutes in - warning, graphic content. If you've never seen someone lying on their stomach shot multiple times in the back by the police you might want to reconsider watching this video. It is haunting, and no matter how bad this guy was, what happened here was wrong.

Not to say the police killing of the knife wielding bank robber was wrong, just that occasionally police killings aren't as advertised by the police - amazing huh?
Apr 4 kbatku commented on The Man Seattle Police Killed Yesterday: 26-Year-Old Chef Cody Spafford.
If he indeed charged the police brandishing a knife, then this was justifiable. But, without independent witnesses or video, all we have is the word of the police, and they have a history of bending the retelling of events to justify the outcome.

In Yakima a few months back we had a police shooting that seemed very, very justified. The police said that the man "came out guns blazing" and was cut down in a hail of return fire.

Fair enough.

Then security video from the neighbors house surfaced, and we see them man exit his house, lay down on his stomach, and then be pumped full of lead - shot 15-20 times.

Not so good.

The police then changed their story to say that he had a pistol in his pants and was reaching for it when he was shot.

Fair enough.

Then it turned out he didn't have a pistol on him, and it's clear from the video that both his hands were visible when he was shot.

Not so good.

So the police changed their story once again, and said they felt "threatened" and that's why they shot him.

End of story - justified shooting - everyone back to work....
Mar 30 kbatku commented on Interview With Rescue Logger Todd Shirley.
That will be some especially difficult chainsaw job. The mud and sand will dull the saw chain before they are halfway through the first tree. Good luck to them - that is some terrible, heart wrenching work.
Mar 26 kbatku commented on Cesar Chavez: This Film Has an Important Message for White People.
FWIW, many/most Hispanics consider themselves "white", no matter the color of their skin. It's a cultural thing, where status is conferred by skin color, and nobody wants to admit to being brown.
Mar 16 kbatku commented on I, Anonymous.
A vandal is a vandal, I don't care what they call themselves. They are shitting on our world and I don't care whether they are gang bangers or self-righteous little punks, they need to stop.
Mar 11 kbatku commented on Now Closed.
Still missing My Brothers Pizza and The Beeliner Diner. :(
Mar 11 kbatku commented on Sneaky Anti-Medical-Pot Bill.
This is horseshit (of course) and is REALLY bad over here east of the mountains. Many cities and counties are banning legal marijuana and this bill will essentially make medical illegal as well.

So a system that was serving us well gets replaced by no system at all, and I'm supposed to be OK with this?
Feb 27 kbatku commented on Kill the Medical Marijuana Bill.
The sad thing is that there are large areas of the state where "legal" marijuana is banned, or soon to be.

"Medical" marijuana is grudgingly available in those areas, but at this point it looks like "legal" might never be reasonably accessible.

So if the state shuts down the collectives, we will lose access, and re-criminalize marijuana for thousands of people, millions maybe.

And this is progress??
Feb 24 kbatku commented on Mayor, Chief Say They Were Wrong to Remove Cop's Misconduct Verdict.
@ 40 He "incited the officer" - really? So a reported asking a question is "incitement", like inciting a riot? Wow, the cop must have a really short fuse to get all fired up by a little "incitement".
Feb 7 kbatku commented on Tunnel Machine Is Seriously Fucked.
How could anyone have foreseen running into dirt underground?

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