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Feb 28 Bondsman51 commented on Savage Love.
When someone wants out of a relationship, it's no matter that they have a toothbrush, yogurt, tampons, etc, they just want out. You may have come across as a swinger sympathizer or maybe you just wanted to bust her chops, so be it. You were lucky to get rid of her if you both can't just agree to disagree. This was a very silly argument, which is why i say, she wanted out and fast. Consider yourself lucky and don't throw away that url for the new sight.
Feb 20 Bondsman51 commented on Savage Love.
An idea for CUCK. Have this new guy take your wife doggy style while you are laying underneath watching. Just before he comes, he should withdraw and allow the wife to stroke him so that the new guy comes in CUCKs mouth. Oooops sorry, that was really more for my sake than his. LOL
Still something he might want to try and I'll bet his wife would really get off on it too...
May 30, 2013 Bondsman51 commented on Savage Love.
Give the sub a break. How do you know that he isn't a trainer for the guy. You ever see how they handle boxers in the gym and in the ring. They do just about everything for the guy. Some trainers just want the person to concentrate on their routine. Ever been to a gymnast gym? They get so burned out doing their routines they need a little help sometimes. I tie my wife's shoes all the time. I also open doors for her and much more in public. I do the same for friends and even my daughter. Does that make me a sub? Mind your own business unless you see the person licking the insides of the guys thighs whilst he ties the shoes. Some people really have over imaginative minds. Not sure if they are jealous or are into story making!!!!
May 22, 2013 Bondsman51 commented on Savage Love.
.....One more thing. Remember, they still had their clothes on......Do you know how many girls at that age would just love to be able to tell all her girlfriends how she just made this guy, cream his jeans? They would all love it and get a big laugh over it & than would start telling each other all the stories they have. In the end, it's all about attitude and giving your self permission to experiment. Come on.... be a girl already. Sheesh!
May 22, 2013 Bondsman51 commented on Savage Love.
This is the problem with parents, schools, etc not properly schooling their kids, but than again who really does talk about dry humping each other. Most likely, she had heard about this, but was enjoying it so much herself she wasn't paying attention. Than again, do young girls realize how quick a young boy can come? Shaming kids about sex adds all this abusive crap to peoples minds & I'm not so sure she is being honest about not knowing what was going on. It's possible she is just upset that he didn't share the pleasure and is more jealous of him getting off and she didn't. Now I know the way that sounds, but after all, they did have their clothes on and he didn't come in her mouth without telling her. Kids really don't get there acts together till there more in their 20's and if it happened at that age I could me more understanding & sympathetic. Was it right, NO. but don't you remember what it was like at 14? Besides, isn't the why they call it dry humping after all?
May 15, 2013 Bondsman51 commented on Savage Love.
Play the "do this for me & I will do this for you" game. You might want to add having him tie your hands behind your back, than have him take the hairbrush that you masturbate with, and have him wack your butt a few times than stick it in your pussy. That should get him interested & if it doesn't, than DTMF & find someone who will listen to what you have to say. I'm very sure you will find plenty of men willing to listen to your needs.
Dec 28, 2012 Bondsman51 commented on Savage Love.
Many people have used coconut oil with condoms without them breaking. There are different types of oil & you shouldn't just lump them all together. From what I've read, the biggest reasons why condoms break are: not pinching the tip of the condom when putting it on. This adds more room in the condom and the penis is not forced against the end. Next, not enough lube. Lube (CO) should be placed on the penis before putting on the condom as well as on the outside of the condom or as a vaginal lubricant. It is anti-bacterial & anti- fungal and has helped many woman who have had yeast issues. If in doubt, try it first with a good athletic hand job and a condom and you will see for your self. Condoms have come a long way in quality & so have natural lubes.
Dec 27, 2012 Bondsman51 commented on Savage Love.
About the lube, here is a great suggestion. Coconut oil. Tastes good, smells good, organic, anti-bacterial, melts on contact with the body. Slippery at high speeds and luscious when you go slow. I've tried all kinds of lubes and this is truly the best for all types of sex and great for the skin. Massage it in everywhere!!!!! Have fun.
Oct 17, 2012 Bondsman51 commented on Savage Love.
Your still one of the best Dan & human too. Imagine that!!! Don't berate yourself too much. We have all had situations where we thought we should "go there" where ever that is, and upon later review decided there may be a better way of handling a situation. What this shows is that you are a man who can empathize with others and is willing to listen, even if others wish to take you down a notch. In my opinion this only raises my respect for your commentary. Hey Dan, your not perfect & neither am I. Thanks for being you.
Sep 28, 2012 Bondsman51 commented on SL Letter of the Day: Yes We Can!.
Now this is how I would want a woman to take my virginity. First lots of kissing. Than a little strip tease while he watches from the bed. Than pull his close off, all the time telling him how you are going to fuck his brains out. Lay on top of him and slide down and give him a nice sucking. Pull him down a little bit on the bed and climb up and have him suck your tits. Next....crawl up more and rub your pussy in his face and tell him how much you want his tongue inside you. By than he should be harder that a rocket. Slide back down & hump his rod with your lubed lips than slowly...... back down on top of his penis and very slowly, slide it in, inch by inch. Pull your self back off and lick that dick asking him if he wants it again inside or more licking and sucking. Once he's ready, slide yourself back on his dick and grab him with your vaginal muscles while kissing him and telling him how great it feels having him inside. That's when you should start the slow motion of fucking him. Once he blasts away, tell him what a big hunk of man he is and how you want him to take charge next time. If you haven't come, give him a treat and mastrubate in front of him. That just might get him hard again. If so, let him take you doggie style. Ahhhhhhhhh do I remember those days.

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