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Sep 26, 2011 graflexdreams commented on Savage Love.
I'm glad there's a healthy debate over all the "potential pregnancy" implications of the first letter from NCWTD, though the divergence into abortion debates doesn't really help anything.

BUT DAN, DAN, DAN! Why the f&ck did you rail against sleeves, piercings and lobe plugs (a.k.a. "earlabia") in the middle of a half-assed response to a guy wondering about a FOOT MASSAGE. You short-changed him, went WAY off on a tangent and seemed to countermand your own mission statement.

My girlfriend and I have been big fans of yours for a while, but you're slipping, buddy. She has an AMAZING sleeve that took 4 years to complete, let alone the years she spent planning, researching and drawing it, then teaming with close artist friends to work on it. She also has 1-inch plugs and "earlabia" that I don't even really notice, except when I'm riding her hard and sucking on them -- like we did just this morning. Oh, and I also LOVE sucking on her double-nipple posts while she rides me. We're having the best sex of our lives and we're madly in love. I'm nearly 43 years old with NO tattoos/piercings at all, she's nearly 32 with lots of tattoos and the aforementioned plugs and nipple posts. Why would I care about them on her?!?!? She's AMAZING! And she gets REALLY tired of having her "book" read "by the cover", so to speak. You of all people should understand that.

She does NOT have low self-esteem, and she knows a lot about tattoos and piercings, as she was a tattoo artist in Chicago for a while. She LEFT the industry because of all the junk she was being forced to ink on drunk-assed douchebags and douchettes. So trust me... we know what's going on when it comes to body modifications and art. Yes, art.

Anyway, PLEASE try to stay on point when answering a sincere question from people who DESPERATELY need good, insightful, mature answers in this deplorably sexually inept country of ours. PLEASE. Thank you.