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Mar 10 LGBTQWTF commented on Another Group of Neighbors Fighting an Apartment Building Because It's "Out of Scale".
Genuinely curious: would a near-exact replica of their building be good enough? If not, shouldn't that building be considered "out of character" for the neighborhood?
Jan 15 LGBTQWTF commented on Liveslogging the Sixth GOP Debate Bloodbath.
@11 When Trump rambled about China, I had this nightmare vision of him putting on lipstick, naked, dancing to "China Girl." I need serious drugs and therapy (I mean, more than usual) now. My face was like your avatar.
Dec 9, 2015 LGBTQWTF commented on I Have So Many Other Things I Need to Be Working on Right Now But I Can't Stop Thinking About Trump.
Has anyone checked under the Donald's hairflop for "666"? Being the antichrist would probably suit his ego just fine. It would explain why so many right-wingers support him, since they want to be right about the end of the world.
Sep 4, 2015 LGBTQWTF commented on Gay Couples in Rowan County, Kentucky, Issued Marriage Licenses This Morning.
THE LATEST FROM THE KENTUCKY SLAMMER NEWS: Inmate Kim Davis's refusing to make license plates for gays or gals without three "test husbands"
Jun 3, 2015 LGBTQWTF commented on Scott Walker Knows Best How Women Feel About Being Forced to Give Birth to Their Rapist's Baby.
"opinions on abortions are kinda like nipples
everyone has them but women’s are a little bit more relevant
but men's are all you ever see" -@br1dgit
Feb 10, 2015 LGBTQWTF commented on Florida Representative Wants to Throw Trans People in Prison for Using Public Toilets.
Make all restrooms single-gender, single-occupant like the "family restrooms." It's the more costly but the more humane option. I don't care who's in the next stall, I'm kinda busy in mine.
Aug 6, 2014 LGBTQWTF commented on A Florida State Attorney on Stand Your Ground: You Can Shoot an Unarmed Person.
Being in Florida should constitute a reasonable belief that your life is in danger. It's like a single-state Purge waiting to happen.
Jan 13, 2014 LGBTQWTF commented on Did You Convert to Christianity This Weekend Because of That Asshole Tweet Sent Out By That Asshole Mark Driscoll?.
I will always remember Calvinism as the origin of "Damned if you do, damned if you don't."
Wish I'd had this in grad school.
Dec 24, 2013 LGBTQWTF commented on McDonald's Tells McDonald's Employees to Not Eat McDonald's Food.
Random thought: why aren't there adult meals, along the nutritional guidelines of kid meals? I've never seen them offered at burger joints. A targeted box, maybe with website info (for all the underemployed people there for the free wifi, ahem).

Meal: a small sandwich, a small salad, apple slices, kid-sized fries, water/juice/milk. Those ingredients are on the a la carte menu, it's nothing new, but it's healthier than the soda/fries/big sandwich marketed to adults. Not that I mind getting a kid meal and giving the toy to someone who has kids. It's just a better bundle of choices to be eating, made easy to order and with a marketable advertising space on the box.

Yeah, yeah: fast food is horrible. It's still a reality. In some areas, though, it's the best "restaurant" on the bus route or near work. Some people work two jobs and that's the one hot meal that isn't a bucket of stress in their week.

Fast food places are already everywhere, so better nutrition there would have a wider benefit. It wouldn't be that hard to put better combos on the menu.

This notion is predicated on the idea that these places give a toss about the longevity of their patrons or the sustainability of their products. I realize this is a fantasy, but I can hope. Hope is the one thing I can definitely do.