Jul 29 Peri427 commented on The Mariners Baseball Badly, but You Should Watch Them Anyway.
Sorry, the game experience at Safeco (incessant bombarding by the music guy, fans who don't even care to watch the game, stadium staff more interested in foolish rules than allowing fans to enjoy the game) is so bad I refuse to spend money there.
Jul 17, 2014 Peri427 commented on Israel Invades Gaza.
Gee, did I miss Ansel's coverage of the fact that Hamas was using a UN school as a place to hide weapons? Even the UNRWA was embarrassed about that - Ansel is so embarrassed it's not even worth mentioning as part of the context for the ground invasion. Oh and he didn't mention the 13 Hamas members who tried to tunnel into Israel to carry out a ground attack of their own.

What's happening is tragic, there's no question about it. But one side seems to be concerned with making sure that their own people do not get killed, and the other side with making sure that as many as possible of their own side get killed.

For a pretty even-handed (i.e non-Ansel) take, see this article from Slate (no friend of Israel): http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_p…
May 23, 2014 Peri427 commented on Blood, Boiling.
@26 What does John Legend get? That Palestinians are people too? Only the most rabid of racists (both in Israel and here) would argue against that - the vast majority of both American Jews and Israelis see the Palestinians as people deserving of a country. The question is how to get there with security and autonomy for both parties.

@27: "Of course it is" says the Lebanon-born, Northfield Mt.Hermon educated (at a cost of $35K/year for high school) nephew of Edward Said. That doesn't mean his opinion is worthless, but don't go citing it as if the LA Times editorial board said it. That's dishonest, deceitful, and does nothing to help the dialogue.
May 21, 2014 Peri427 commented on UW Resolution to Encourage Israel Divestment Fails.

But Israel IS better as a democracy than many other democracies: higher than Italy, Greece, Hungary, Mexico, Jamaica, India (and more) in the Freedom House rankings; higher than every African country; higher than every Arab League country (admittedly there are few democracies in those last two categories). So why the double standard? Why the criticism of the Jewish state and not any of the others?

It may not be the overt anti-Semitism of the 19th and 20th centuries, but that history makes it sure look like something is going on.
May 21, 2014 Peri427 commented on UW Resolution to Encourage Israel Divestment Fails.

I agree - one can support (or protest) multiple things at once. But thanks for the urgent displaying of your left-wing bonafides.

My point was that the BDS movement (of which the UW effort was a part) essentially advocates boycotting Israel in its entirety. That's the part that seems essentially anti-semitic (or anti-Jewish if you prefer) - delegitimizing the Jewish state for doing what other countries do (or less).

I'm perfectly happy to boycott Israeli companies who intentionally locate across the Green Line (such as Sodastream). But that's not what BDS wants or the resolution asked. In my view, people who advocate solutions that don't reflect or understand the complexity of the situation contribute to rather than help solve the problem.
May 21, 2014 Peri427 commented on UW Resolution to Encourage Israel Divestment Fails.
Hey Ansel,

"it'd be really great" if people attempting to sanction corporations complicit in a military's human rights violations focused their attention on ALL the militaries around the world that do this, and not single out the Jewish state, which is no worse and a lot better than many states, and which is, in fact, the only democracy in the Middle East and the only one with even a modicum of a commitment to civil rights.

IN 2013, Freedom House ranked Israel 30TH on its democracy index, ahead of such luminaries as Italy, Mexico and (wait for it) South Africa. Know where the highest country in the Arab League ranked? UAE at 75th. To be clear, my point is not that Arabs are somehow incapable of democratic values, it is that the Middle East is a tough neighborhood; to be 30th there is a heck of an accomplishment.

Does Israel make mistakes and could it do better? You betcha! You know what? So does the United States (13th in the rankings), which I believe has its own series of military human rights violations. So when you're ready to boycott companies doing business with the United States, give me a call.
May 21, 2014 Peri427 commented on UW Students To Vote On Divestment from Companies Involved in Israeli Occupation.
No, UW students aren't being anti-Jewish racists. They are acting with indifference toward the historical singling out of Jews as a target by allowing themselves to be used by a movement populated with racists. The message is not "we have faith in you, Israel", but "we don't think you deserve to be part of the world community, and so we will single you out for special treatment."

The politics are complicated, Israel has made some terrible choices (and so, coincidentally, have the Palestinians), but the BDS response is way out of proportion to the situation and, oh by the way, likely to be counterproductive if the goal is a 2-state solution (which most people except for the racists want).
May 20, 2014 Peri427 commented on UW Students To Vote On Divestment from Companies Involved in Israeli Occupation.
@14 And again the Macklemore analogy seems apt. Your reply is "don't see anything anti-semitic about it, just trying to do something right" rather than to step back and consider the entire situation. Intentional or not, BDS singles out Jews for treatment that no one else gets, even countries that behave far worse. You don't think it would be practical to aim against Syria (hmm, when was the last time Israel gassed its own citizens?)?

And since when is practicality or the level of investment the test of a moral action? Seriously, once you've decided that it might cost too much to protest something, you might as well not protest anything at all...
May 20, 2014 Peri427 commented on UW Students To Vote On Divestment from Companies Involved in Israeli Occupation.
So if you have to start somewhere, why not start with the Jews, is that it? Start with a democracy and disputed land that was "occupied" by someone else (Jordan) for 20 years, rather than with any number of countries who treat actual citizens far worse (should I look at Qatar? Saudia Arabia? China? hmm, there are so many choices.)

It's really not so far from the Macklemore incident - simple failure to recognize that this kind of singling out has a long history within anti-Semitic circles. (Note that I'm not saying either Ansel or the sponsors of the BDS push are anti-Semitic, only that they don't recognize the overtones).
Apr 10, 2014 Peri427 commented on Whoops! Teens' Transit Advocacy Runs Afoul of City Ethics Rules.
It should also be noted that since the students never received any Ethics briefing (from either McGinn or Murray), they had no idea that including a specific mention to Prop 1 would create an ethics violation.

I understand they are working on a version of the video that omits specific mention of Prop 1, and hope to have it back up shortly.