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Nov 7, 2015 T Pitchford commented on Gay Guys React to Racist Grindr Profiles.
I don't agree, Dan. In knowing these ignorant scumbags feel the way they do, it gives me the opportunity to either: a) berate them for being douchebags; or b) avoid contact with them. So to all gay men who come across these ads - rain all over these racist fuckwads.
Aug 27, 2015 T Pitchford commented on Hillary's Piles of Wall Street Gold Are So Bright She's Gotta Wear Shades.
Oy vey - if only you'd provided more accurate information. Are you an intern? Ugh. http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/…
Jun 9, 2014 T Pitchford commented on About That Hate Crime I Committed at University of Chicago.
Minus this "...less" piece - not sure why that copied from my Word doc..
Jun 9, 2014 T Pitchford commented on About That Hate Crime I Committed at University of Chicago.
Ok - I think you're fabulous, Dan, for many reasons, - but here's a synopsis of all of that: "I am not transphobic, but this UofC student event rattled and flustered me. I had a disagreement with a student over the level of offense and use in any context of the word "tranny." The student stormed out and the school newspaper honed in. I then point out some irony that demonstrates the students improper use of an identity pronoun, then I conclude it with an overemphasis on trans connections." My take - these are young people - they're dynamic and creative; they're unlearning the years of shit they have been listening to in their parent's home; they're emotional and unsure of themselves; and they're interested in helping to shape their identity.

And beyond those circumstances. the student, to a lesser degree, perhaps, but nonetheless has a case here: if someone has beaten me with a baseball bat while calling me a "tranny," I would likely make that word a flashback into a private hell. That will not be the circumstance for everyone, but if I had to rate who has had a harder time on the scale of suffering, it's certainly not me. And along those lines, I have to do the best to understand that, for as much of an advocate I consider myself to be, I am not them. The same can be said of heterosexuals who feel a certain degree of license based on what they think they know or how supportive they are. All through your diatribe, I couldn't help but think of the, "some of my best friends are black" approach some white people take as an out to just admitting to themselves that they will never have any real concept for what it means to be black. I know it's not meant to be anywhere in that neighborhood of thought, but you're a big boy - you can take the critique - and that's how it sounds. Beyond that, the quick and dirty is this: you've let an undergraduate who is on their own path of identity, not nearly as well grounded in their own understanding of who they are as you, someone near the age of your son, get under your skin. An accomplished pundit, author, dad, husband, gay as hell, gay man who knows, and not only likes, but is proud of who he is, etc. - you've allowed yourself to take excessive concern to the opinions of the aspiring journalists of a college newspaper. How long have you been doing the college circuit? Surely this is not your first time at the Rodeo. These are not your peers, and attempting to school them is not only unnecessary, it's unseemly. Look, I completely get how much you feel this conversation felt like this "got your goat" moment...back several years ago, when I worked at the University of Maryland, I felt compelled to provide the benefit of experience to a kid who wrote for the school newspaper, who, I felt tried to stretch into fantasy how much indifference his Log Cabin Republicans group met in its encounters with other GOP groups. I could feel myself getting worked up, so I fired off an email to this guy to knock him off of his pedestal. But looking back in hindsight, I should have known better. His experience will allow for the moment where he works these things out, and there was no need for me to go at him. And that will likely happen with your young, misinformed friend. You are on a different place in your identity development and stage of life. There's just really no need for you or me or any of us to spend our time like that. Did it convince you that anyone would entertain these notions? If not - then move on. As someone celebrated, appreciated, loved, and inspired, understand those moments where the best thing to do is walk away. None of us wants to show our age, especially as gay men, but that should be one area for which we should show it.
Oct 28, 2013 T Pitchford commented on Does a Bad Voting Record Make It Harder to Take a Candidate Seriously?.
Ok Anna, Dom, and other esteemed SCB officers - some additional questions for you:

How do you like Councilmember Dembowski's wobbly position on the proposed immigration ordinance that a coalition from the major immigration community organizations, the Council, the feds, etc. have worked two years in putting together? He's been in front of this group and pledged support, but just recently he indicated in constituent correspondence (forwarded to me),“I have not yet decided on how I will vote on the current reform proposal.” Naomi Wilson affirmed support for this legislation while the incumbent hem's and haw's and really doesn't provide the reasoning as to why. The incumbent has the anointed blessing of most of the entire progressive machine, including the LD organizations in the 1st, 11th, 32nd, 34th, 36th, 37th, 43rd, 46th, 48th districts. Part of that endorsement expectation has to do with supporting progressive ordinances such as this, which is before the county for consideration right now, and save for Rod's holding out, would be a done deal. The detainer changes means that King County will no longer participate in ICE practices that have deported both those who either enter the country by means other than official border crossing or those guilty of lesser offenses. It limits deportation to those convicted of felony charges and/or violent criminals. So far he has not given ANY justification for holding it up, but as the SCB - shouldn't you feel like you know that he's going to support this before you influence thousands of progressive voters into supporting him? Dom - you often write about legislation that hurts the poor. Every day that he does not support this means one more day in King County when someone can be questioned for no reason, discovered to be undocumented, sent to the holding pen in Tacoma, and have their lives and the lives of their families become uprooted and chaotic. That disproportionately affects the poor, we all know. Were I part of your board, I would definitely want to know, but you have to admit, having Naomi Wilson take the lead on this issue while the incumbent fritters away time and potentially lives certainly poses an important question you should probably ask and report on with certainty before election day, which I would love to see happen.

Then there is the matter of this - Councilmember Dembowski seated at a table for a Reagan Dunn fundraiser. If you've not seen it, you can check it out on WA Secretary of State Kim Wyman's twitter feed: https://twitter.com/KimWyman12/status/38…

You remember him right - Republican who got trounced by AG Ferguson last year, and former McMansion proprietor over at Che-Dunn, your fun feature from a few years back, Goldy? www.youtube.comwatch?v=BBxxJmy50Cg

Because I just have to ask how many recent appointees do we know that feel attending a fundraiser hosted by the opposition party-supported candidate when there's a Democrat in the race is a good judgement call? Wouldn't you be fairly aware, at least make the call to stay away from anything like that completely? If he thinks this was an appropriate move, or that it would have no bearing on independent swing voters, why didn't he just follow it up with a tour to the LD's who had just wrapped up endorsing him to tell them all not to bother with endorsing, doorbelling for giving money to Sherry Song. It's a slap in the face of the party, so let's not coat it and just call it for what it is. Had someone had a picture of him attending this Republican fundraiser at the LD meetings, you can be certain it would have been a much more charged atmosphere while he tried to explain his way out of it. I would bet Sherry and Rod have a lot in common, except one of them is supporting Reagan Dunn, while the other is running against him. I'll end with something Naomi mentioned to me in interacting with Rod one night at the 46th LD. They went off to the side to talk for a second, and Naomi indicated to Rod that Sherry could use his help, to which he replied that his hands were tied since Reagan had been a supporting vote in his council appointment. Hmmm.
Oct 17, 2013 T Pitchford commented on Pro-Murray PAC Uses Battered Women as Pawns in Deceptive Smear Campaign.
Ok kids - news-post, sentence correction time! Let's fill in the blanks:

1. "Well, as it turned out, the "Community and Self Sufficiency Division ____did not speak at all____ to abused women."

2. "But this attack from ____McGinn's____ backers is bogus by __leveling false claims of racism___ when ___none_____ exists.

3. ___Seattle civil rights community pioneers____ have endured enough ___discrimination___ without being used as props in a deceptive, ugly campaign.
Oct 17, 2013 T Pitchford commented on Dinner for Schmucks.
Probably more like 253 tickets.
Apr 15, 2013 T Pitchford commented on Yes, Liberals, We Should Sue That Anti-Gay Florist.
This is not to compare the two, which is exactly my point.
Apr 15, 2013 T Pitchford commented on Yes, Liberals, We Should Sue That Anti-Gay Florist.
Just seeing this now so forgive my late response. First, thanks for liking my word selection enough to declare it "perpetuates the Christian meme." I'm sure my Catholic father would laugh at that as a standalone. It's ok - I know journalists have to decide which bites to add in seeking a quick, seamless reply to tie it all together. So let's go back to what I said.

"We certainly can take action under the law, and perhaps we should, but let's not pretend this is in the same ball park as a segregated lunch counter." When James Meredith entered the University of Mississippi as a student in 1962, it was only with the help of armed, federal guards. The color of his skin and hundreds of thousands dictated 200 years of shameful history that can't be erased. Can you please point out to me where the "Christian meme" is?

So while I empathize with this couple. this is absolutely nothing like the struggle endured by blacks in this country. Accommodation may be the common denominator, but this is far and away from being publicly spit at in the street for just tying to go to school, or constant worry about being lynched in the 1960's south. It's pretty easy to take a white-privilege view of the two side by side from inside our lovely bubble here under the Space Needle, where our biggest concern is flying some flag, but you're in the cheap seats. So, to reiterate - yes the AG should take action. She should pay a fine. But I'm asking you, "then what?" It's nice to launch a crusade with Seattle voices on matters in Richland, but what are you prepared to do after that?
Jan 18, 2013 T Pitchford commented on Holy Crap! Another Candidate for Mayor!.
Any relation to Paul Ishii, the GM at the Mayflower?