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Jun 4, 2013 i don't know commented on The State Department Wouldn't Know Irony If It Smacked Them In the Face.
I'm sorry, unpaid intern, but have you actually looked at any of the news coverage out of Turkey? Because you should be ashamed of yourself for trying to make this comparison. Seriously. Get the fuck out of journalism now, you are hurting it very badly.
Jun 4, 2013 i don't know commented on The Walking Godwin's Law Monster Strikes Again.
@4, not quite the same. Shoprite says "we wont make this cake because we wont make a hitler cake for anyone". Hateful store says "we'd make that guy a hitler cake because he's aryan, but we wont make one for you because you're not". The concept is that any service you'll provide to Al, you must serve Bob, but you are perfectly within your right to say that there are other services you wont provide to anyone.
Apr 23, 2013 i don't know commented on Examining Reactions to Rape in India and the US.
So I don't get the colleges/universities thing. How do they convince sexual assault victims to go through the college judicial process rather than calling the cops? The worst that the school can do is expel them. The actual justice system could potentially send them to jail. Actually, that's probably a two part question - who is trying to convince the victim to go through the college judicial process rather than calling the cops? I mean, I get that the evidentiary standards are probably lower in most college judicial systems, but it also sounds like most college judicial systems are subject to more personal whim and less oversight. I'd guess that the answer to the second question is college administrators trying to keep their Clery Act numbers down, but that still doesn't answer the first question.
Apr 18, 2013 i don't know commented on Drone Protest vs. Slog Drone.
A terminator future? Drones are worse than atomic bombs? There may have been some people with reasonable and lucid objections there, but it doesn't sound like it.
Apr 8, 2013 i don't know commented on Carrie or Rush: Which Looks Less Interesting?.
You could not be more wrong. Rush is about the 1976 Formula One season where James Hunt was trying to topple reigning F1 champ Niki Lauda. Their rivalry was so intense that after a near fatal accident at Nurburgring, Lauda was back racing within six weeks (still undergoing skin grafts for 3rd degree burns!) in order to keep Hunt from getting too far ahead. They were neck and neck all season long, and the championship wasn't decided until the last race. They were totally opposite but both fascinating personalities. For Ron Howard to make that into a bad movie, he'd have to really try.
Mar 18, 2013 i don't know commented on The G-Men Have A New Site Devoted to the Gardner Thefts (Everybody's Favorite Unsolved Art Mystery).
What's most amazing is that if you go to the Gardner today, they just have blank spots on the walls where the stolen works used to be, and a tiny placard noting that the previous occupant of the space was stolen.
Feb 21, 2013 i don't know commented on Gun Nuts on the Strip in Vegas: Outlaw Cars, Shall We?.
@14, the older ones are far prettier. I think the Maserati Mexico may be the prettiest.


And I've never seen one driven by someone over 50 or even slightly Russian.
Jan 30, 2013 i don't know commented on Afternoon Read: Two Journalists, One Story.
The thing I don't get about the Ray Lewis story is how, despite Lewis and his two friends being charged and tried for their respective crimes, everyone still a) thinks Ray Lewis killed the victims, b) calls the case unsolved, and c) ignores that the men who were charged with the killings were acquitted because it was self defense. How does this disconnect happen?
Jan 15, 2013 i don't know commented on I Made a Playlist of Hockey Songs Just For You!.
@7, it's Hawksley Workman's "Hockey, the Greatest Game In the Land".

Jan 6, 2013 i don't know commented on Apparently, It's Time for Football.
First of all, yes, it's an incredibly racist name. We've been asking the owner to change it for years, he's a douche and refuses. Second, 14-0 and its still the first quarter. Now will Seahawks fans start taking Alfred Morris seriously? Because he's running all over the defense you are so proud of.