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Oct 7, 2011 Flashwitt commented on Occupy Westlake Park at Noon on Saturday.
Shaved_Bear & Other folks who really can't be there- Occupy is a massively virtual movement! If we can't have our feet on the ground, we can still have our heads in the wires! Online activism is a vital part of it all- Tweet, post, like, share, spread the word! Send food & supplies with others who CAN get down to the physical occupation! (list of things Occupy Seattle still needs here: http://occupyseattle.org/site-page/needs ) Write inspirational poetry. Write fiery rants! Write impassioned notes of gratitude to others involved. MAKE NOISE! As they say- the revolution will not be televised... so it's up to the wireheads to get it out there where everyone can see it!
Oct 6, 2011 Flashwitt joined My Stranger Face
Oct 6, 2011 Flashwitt commented on King County Labor Council Asks Its 75,000 Members to Join Occupy Seattle Protests.
Labor union dues go up. Health care costs go up. Why? Not because unions are greedy. It's because STUFF COSTS MORE every year. THAT we can thank corporations for. Unions can only respond by hiking costs- or... by fighting the corporations themselves- which, by giving their support to us, is exactly what they do. If you're a shop keeper, and the guy you rent your shop from raises the rent, you're not going to suddenly drop all your prices and shrug, in a gesture of good will to your customers, no matter how much you may love them. We are all enslaved by the Corporate control over our economy and our government. Do not let your grievances divide you! Stand together with ANYONE who will stand beside you. We are the 99%. Divided, we are silenced.