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Aug 9, 2013 artful_bodger commented on The Worst Article on the Internet This Week....
Not exactly a recent post on the CSM site. It was posted January 14. It's still viewable if you go to the 'Way Back Machine'.">…
May 31, 2013 artful_bodger commented on Rand Paul Tries to Woo Silicon Valley.
I think a shift to the libertarian right in the Republican party would be the best thing for the Democratic party. For far too long it has been coasting along as the party of progressive social policies while giving short shrift to economic issues. It would be great to see a Democratic party that has to work for our votes.
May 15, 2013 artful_bodger commented on Fight Brewing Over New Tent Cities.
So what happened to the consent agreement limiting the number of tent cities in Seattle to one? Yes the agreement was with SHARE, but if you don't believe there is a connection between the two --SHARE and Nicklesville -- you haven't been paying attention.
May 14, 2013 artful_bodger commented on Playing Russian Roulette With Your Online Social Presence.
@37 By that definition a significant number of Facebook users are "psycho"...
May 14, 2013 artful_bodger commented on Playing Russian Roulette With Your Online Social Presence.
@33: You wouldn't happen to work for Facebook?
May 14, 2013 artful_bodger commented on Playing Russian Roulette With Your Online Social Presence.
Deleted mine and never looked back. Who needs the equivalent of a "Christmas letter" all year round?

When you decide it's time to leave, delete it instead of 'deactivating' it. Go here:

You'll be spared the manipulative "X will miss sharing his lame memes with you" page. Instead you will simply be asked to fill in your password and enter the words in the CAPTCHA box. Click enter, wait two weeks and you are free.
Apr 16, 2013 artful_bodger commented on Lunchtime Quickie: I Like This Ad About Gun Control.
Re #7,12,19

How much do you want to wager f.u. reappears later singing the the praises of Rand Paul?

f.u. strikes me as one of those libertarian types that are for civil liberties -- if they don't have to break a sweat. It's when people propose laws that get between him and his precious that he actually rouseses himself and takes a stand. (Here in WA State he already has his dope to smoke.)
Jan 15, 2013 artful_bodger commented on The City of Utopias.
"Much of the tax base would be provided by a different property tax — one based on the value of the land and not the value of the property."

What are they trying to say? If the tax is a tax on improvements not the selling price of the land that is a Georgist tax scheme. Georgism was historically a progressive movement.. I would think Mudede would welcome the return of 19th century utopianism.
Nov 26, 2012 artful_bodger commented on Who's Spray-Painting These Messages in Downtown Seattle?.
Where is option #4: Ayn Rand worshiping militants? (Was Paul Ryan in town?)
Oct 17, 2012 artful_bodger commented on The Seattle Times Will Pay For Rob McKenna and Marriage Equality Ads in Its Own Pages.
Just neoliberalism in action. Promote a warm and fuzzy cause that doesn't impact the bottom line while going all out to place a Scott Walker clone in the Governors mansion.