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11:12 AM yesterday algorhythm99 commented on The Morning News: Seattle Politicians Speak at DNC, Ken Griffey Jr. Joins Baseball Hall of Fame, and FL Nightclub Shooting Kills Two.
Ken Griffey Jr. was the Mariners' *centerfielder* from 1989 to 1999. There's no such thing as "the outfielder", there's three of them.
Also, he returned to the Mariners for 2009 and 2010 before retiring here.
Jun 6 algorhythm99 commented on 79 Percent Increase in Link's Boardings.
Agreed with @10
The Ave, Roosevelt-and-65th, and Northgate stations are what's gonna really make this explode.

You could argue that opening the Husky Stadium station and not making sure they could open the Ave station with it was a very strange choice.
Mar 24 algorhythm99 commented on Sound Transit Unveils Draft Plan for this Fall's Light Rail Ballot Measure.
Shockingly disappointing, utterly unacceptable timelines. But at least this is a draft. Let the noise begin.
Jan 13 algorhythm99 commented on We Saw You Guarding an Ex-President, Secretly Preferring a Bird Documentary to Porn, and Being Full of Pork.
Love this column. One of my favorite things to read here.
Jan 11 algorhythm99 commented on Why Does Facebook Make Smart People So Ridiculously Stupid?.
What @7 said.
Social media is changing people (because everything that happens to everyone all the time changes everyone all the time), but more than changing people social media is amplifying people. Everyone has a platform. And every stupid thing any one says gets broadcast.
Jan 11 algorhythm99 commented on We Can Only Agree With One of the Seattle Times's Top Three Bad Bus Behaviors.
Homeless or not Charles people often move objects that don't fit in backpacks, satchels, or messenger bags around the city. And a HUGE problem with the post-car future that no one talks about is how exactly anyone is supposed to move stuff from place to place with public transit. At best its a miserable exercise in making everyone else on the bus hate you, and at worst its just impossible.
Jan 4 algorhythm99 commented on Washington State Has a Strategic Pot Reserve.
@13 that's amazing and I guess I'll believe if/when I see it.
The best bulk option I've seen out of several stores visited in north Seattle is eighths for about $50.
Jan 4 algorhythm99 commented on Washington State Has a Strategic Pot Reserve.
The over-careful regulations of the WA weed industry have really hamstrung it.

Step 1: Combine the recreational and medicinal systems (make every dispensary a store and every store a dispensary) so that everyone has more access to legal weed.
Step 2: Continue to work to drive the price of legal weed down until it actually competes with illegal weed on price and people buy less illegal weed and more legal weed.

Step 3: Allow larger volume retail packaging and sales. why have I never seen legal weed packaged in a larger quantity than an eighth? Lots of people buy lots of ounces and halves. Weed has a good shelf-life and sharing it is deeply ingrained in the culture. When people toke up in a group, they're not each smoking their own weed out of their own fancy little $15 gram baggy. If it's legal for me to have an ounce, let me buy an ounce.
Dec 31, 2015 algorhythm99 commented on The Morning News: Forest Road to Be Returned to Nature, Pioneer Square is Becoming More and More Expensive, Syrians See Ghosts in Swedish Refugee Facility.
The forest roads in question are definitely not beautiful paved two lane roads like your stock photo Charles; they're talking about the endless maze of one "lane" dirt roads the forest service uses to get around and that people that leave the city use to get to trailheads and such. And this only means they're going to stop maintaining some of them, which is honestly good news for me: I'll spend less time crawling along in my 4x4 at 3 MPH when I could be doing 25 because of tourists scraping the undercarraige of their Prius over the rocks trying to get to an alpine lake day hike.
Dec 23, 2015 algorhythm99 commented on SL Letter of the Day: End in Sight.
These comments are on point, but I'd go as far to say that building the social skills, empathy, world view, and confidence necessary to have a good sex life the rest of your life (not counting getting it just by being an alpha douche) is the most important part of college anyway.