Not enough like Twitter.

Dec 4, 2012 juli81 commented on Slog Bible Study: 1 Timothy 5:23.
@12 " It was pretty common back in the day to write something and attribute it to someone famous to give it legitimacy. "

You mean like writing an entire delusional book, and attribute it to God?
Dec 4, 2012 juli81 commented on So, Will You Smoke More Pot When It's Legal?.
I live in the Netherlands. I can smoke pot freely, and I don't, ever. There is not much pot-smoking done by the residents of the country, it's mostly tourists. I think what they might find is that once it's legal, no one really cares anymore.
Nov 29, 2012 juli81 commented on Our Worsening World.
It depends if you take the planet to be just a giant piece of rock floating in space. The yes, it will be just fine, at least for the new 4 billion years till the sun explodes.

But if you, like me, take it to be the one piece of rock floating in space that we know for sure harbours life, that has enable the amazing evolution of millions of unique species, with individuals with dreams of their own, love and hope - then no, it's not going to be fine. And all of this is thrown down the crapper because fossil fuel lobbyists are blocking the renewable energy revolution that is actually already entirely possible with the technologies we have.
Nov 27, 2012 juli81 commented on Here's Hoping Developers Do "Overbuild" Ballard.
The non-closed parenthesis in the last paragraph is hurting my eyes, and I can't think of anything else.
Nov 23, 2012 juli81 commented on One of the Things I'm Thankful for This Thanksgiving.
Be thankful for yourself then, Dan. It's reading blogs like yours that made me realise that I had to go from quietly agreeing with you on the sidelines to actively campaigning for marriage equality.
Nov 14, 2012 juli81 commented on Coming this January: Campaign for Southern Equality.
The battles that are the most worth fighting are never the easy ones. Good luck to everyone.
Nov 7, 2012 juli81 commented on NOM's Sad Silver Lining.
So Dan, are you now married in Canada AND Washington, or do you need to get re-married in Washington for it to count*?

*count legally, of course - I don't doubt your marriage counted personally a long time ago already...
Oct 30, 2012 juli81 commented on Who's this Guy in the Bigoted New Reject R-74 Ad?.
I feel really bad for his kid. Growing up in a hate-filled household can't be good for anyone.

Say, if he can ask for his kid to be taught about gay marriage, could other people ask for their kids not to be taught about straight marriage?
Jan 26, 2012 juli81 commented on What Rick Santorum Needs is a Uterus of His Very Own.
Maybe I will let Mr Santorum have my uterus when he makes contraception illegal. I have horrible menstrual pain that literally make me puke, stay 2 days in bed, and make me want to rip my entrails out unless I'm on the pill. I'm not the only one, even if I'm clearly in the minority - thankfully, most women don't have it as bad.
So, if Mr. Santorum thinks I don't need the pill to deal with this, he can have my uterus.
Jan 20, 2012 juli81 commented on Required Listening.
This is what Santorum's wife calls a "policy difference", isn't it?

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