Elaine in Idaho
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Oct 12, 2011 Elaine in Idaho joined My Stranger Face
Oct 12, 2011 Elaine in Idaho commented on Victoria Liss VS. the Receipt Creep: Capitol Hill Debacle.
I have Zero tipped on a credit card, but only because I've left a cash tip. I've heard horror stories of restaurant owners/managers stiffing wait staff from credit card tips...so I've left cash. However, the comment on the receipt says alot about the jerk and his bimbo girlfriend. I'm 53, have never worked in the food/beverage industry, and have the utmost respect for all you do, all you put up with, and the physical demands of your jobs. Thanks...I do appreciate those that wait on me and my husband. So...having said that, would you hospitality workers please address my comment about leaving a cash tip. Is this ok, would you rather have it added on to the check? Do restaurant owners/managers divide the tips up correctly? (I don't know how those POS systems work, and if they even take into consideration tips left on tickets...)