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Aug 22, 2013 Lilly Munster commented on Finally Punishing a Bad Cop.
The evils of Political Correctness. If this dude was white, he would have been gone long, long ago. Can we just tell the truth here?
Dec 25, 2011 Lilly Munster commented on Don't Donate to the Salvation Army.
Who the fuck would defend any one, or any organization that discriminates? How would these brain damaged republiturds feel if the policy was "we don't serve Baptists because they are retarded inbreeds?" Or better yet, "we don't feed catholics because these heathens worship a nazi in a dress" See? Discrimination is ugly, irrational and indefensible however you state it. (But that nazi in a dress thing is pretty accurate.)
Nov 7, 2011 Lilly Munster commented on From Swedish Fish to Jesus Fish.
Don't let catholics control anything. They bring denial, abuse, ignorance and exploitation to every institution they touch. They simply cannot be trusted with the lives of little boys or old ladies.
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Oct 12, 2011 Lilly Munster commented on Kennewick Candidate Seeks Illegal Immigrant Ban, Calls for Them to Be "Shot at the Border".
Listen up Washington, from your (jealous) friends and admirers down here in California.
You wanna hear about illegals? Our entire state is overrun with them, as in infested.
Crime, 24/7 gang activity, loud booming barrio ghetto caterwauling, everywhere you go
overrun by non-english speaking hoardes, nobody willing to serve you in english anymore,
IGNORING the white dude as they wait on the next hispanic in line, cops who side with the
alien who just smashed into your car (let them go. it's racist to prosecute them) Police
departments as corrupted as they are in Messico......a friggin nightmare. Now, they can go
to the head of the line to not only steal jobs, identities, welfare and food stamps....but free
tuition for their 5 children, whom YOU raised. Want a few million of ours? Of course, you can't lock them up when they are caught driving without a license, a valid plate, or registration, or INSURANCE to pay for when they hit/maim/kill you. They, alone, have sunk this state into complete bankruptcy. The cost to us real Americans in California is 20 billion$ per year. That does not count the cost of the millions in our prisons....oops, that's right.....we are letting 30 thousand of them out back on the streets. We have had to lay off 20% of our police and fire fighters, teachers and (press 2 for spanglish) public workers; the ones with the phony
social security card, borrowed from a brother-in-law or cousin. So, you wanna bitch about illegals? Look around. Are you the only gringo in the Costco, Wal Mart or Arco line? Do you fear for your white ass in the grocery parking lot? Then shut the fuck up until they have stolen
50% of your culture and money.
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