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Napoli, Italia
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Feb 4, 2013 fitzfile commented on Racist, Or Not Racist: Jimmy Cliff and the Super Bowl "Get Happy" Commercial.
It seems the point of a superbowl commercial is to ride the line between offensive and funny. Here, the guy is from the state of a thousand lakes, and not from a place where people culturally speak the way he does, and thus, it is cultural appropriation #4gotitright #Offensiveisnotfunny
Oct 23, 2012 fitzfile commented on Final Obama/Romney Debate Caption Contest.
Ann, we have already seen this previous political position.
Oct 13, 2011 fitzfile updated his or her location.
Oct 13, 2011 fitzfile commented on New Column!.
Pomplamoose's tunes
Wait. Check her hair. Beiber's flare
sitting on her head.
Oct 13, 2011 fitzfile joined My Stranger Face

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