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Oct 15, 2011 WestSeattleJab commented on Seattle, Occupied.
What amazed me was how Wall Street was so hated by everyone by the end of Bush's 2nd term, and then, somehow, that hatred seem to dissipate and fade as if their destructive greed was just an oversight. These job creators were just chasing the American Dream a little too hard -- they weren't doing anything any other red blooded capitalist wouldn't do. It was the poor folk who couldn't pay their mortgages who were the real blame -- them and the liberals who ran Fannie May... The only way to get America back on tract was to pay less taxes. No, get rid of all taxes. And while you're at it, get rid of the government too.
The country seemed to be buying into this bullshit. It was like yeah, the Republicans controlled everything for six years, nearly destroyed the country, but let's return to the philosophy that got us here, and see if it works this time. Obama seemed to legitimize this trend by constantly caving in to the Republicans' demands. Then they would make him look weak by, after getting what they demanded, calmly making more demands, and eventually voting against whatever he had proposed. And he kept trying to negotiate with them despite this. Then, when the GOP took the house back, it was almost like Obama was thinking,"Hey, maybe being a Republican is cool."
I hope the Boycott Wall Street movement knocks some sense into Obama. I hope it gives him the courage to drastically change the direction this country has been headed ever since Reagan broke the Air Traffic Controllers union.
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Oct 15, 2011 WestSeattleJab commented on Fuck You, Big Banks.
The answer is to break up these fucking "too big to fail" corporate trolls like Bank of America. Break up all the obese multinational corporate banks around the world. Whatever happened to local banks like Peoples Bank? They all got ate up by these faceless, greed driven, to big to fail assholes.
But what can you do when the Supreme Court rules that corporations have the same rights as individuals? Boycott the big banks.