Oct 15, 2011 Mseegz commented on Hello, I'm Not the Enemy.
Let's work to stop bullying!

...By bullying fat people.

Oh, and someone look up anorexia clinics in Baltimore, to help out poor ol' Rib... I mean, Rob.
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Oct 15, 2011 Mseegz commented on Ban Fat Marriage.

Nobody's comfortable on an airplane, fat or thin. It's a small, cramped space no matter how inexplicably scrawny you are. Out of everyone on the plane, what the fuck makes you so special, other than the fact that you can fit a grand total of 15 bananas into your vagina and still manage to walk comfortably?

You are a selfish bitch. Shut the fuck up and deal, you corpse-in-makeup, and quit jabbing your zombified elbows into my side.

It's a three hour ride from here to Albuquerque.

Trust me, I can make it feel a loooooot longer.