Oct 23, 2014 Dr.Devo commented on Guest Editorial: Send Prop 1B, and Its Conservative Funders, Back to the Drawing Board.
While Bill Gates, Sr. Was one of the biggest advocates of 1098, Bill Gates, Jr. didn't take a strong position, despite his father pushing hard for him to do so. And this article was some of the only genuine coverage about his support. That said, Steve Ballmer was he single biggest donor AGAINST 1098, at $425,000, and Microsoft donated an additional $75,000 while Bill Gates was President of the Board. Actions speak louder than words.
Jun 16, 2014 Dr.Devo commented on Kremwerk and the Family Stone.
Kremwerk is a gorgeous location ran by great people! Shameless Audio will be hosting a party celebrating our second release there on June 27th, featuring the mighty Deepchild. We can't imagine a better place to be doing it!
Mar 6, 2013 Dr.Devo commented on Trust the Naturebot.
Ian is definitely one of the most talented yet underestimated people in the Seattle electronic music community. His label is visionary, his music is both fun and forward thinking, and he's just one helluva guy. He'll always get love from me and all the other folks at Shameless!
Oct 24, 2012 Dr.Devo commented on It's Not About the Stoners.
Thank you so much, Dominic! This is the best analysis I've read on the rationales for and against I-502 and I plan on sharing it far and wide. At its most basic level, this is a profoundly important civil rights issue. No amount of skirting, redirecting or "concern trolling" by entitled, illiterate stoners is going to change that.

Luckily, polling is suggesting that the majority of Washingtonians are behind this, even if they don't fully grasp the extent to which their vote in favor is a vote against institutional racism. I'm incredibly excited to see the results of this vote and -like many other people here- committed to challenging the bad parts of I-502 immediately after they become law. That is how political action works.
Sep 2, 2012 Dr.Devo commented on Judge Slaps Down Secretary of State's Attempt to Muzzle Socialist Candidate.
Kshama Sawant is a brilliant, articulate, savvy candidate with an excellent analysis of contemporary politics and the economy. She's also running against one of the most conservative "roadkill" Democrats in our state who is personally responsible for some of the worst economic policies over the last few years and almost tanked our state economy in the last legislative session. Moreover, Sawant is a MUCH better representative of the political, racial and economic makeup of the 43rd than Chopp ever was and would truly represent the interests of her constituents. MOST IMPORTANTLY, she is the ONLY person running against him in the general election. It is very clear that Chopp is going to win, but it's also clear that this is one of those extremely rare situations where people can vote their conscience as an act of dissent with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO LOSE.

If you are truly progressive, then you will vote Sawant. It is one of the only ways to show local Democratic Party leaders that we are fed up with their increasing conservatism, dependency on money and distance from their own base. If Sawant was to get 30-40% of the vote, Chopp and other Democratic leaders would be FORCED to take more progressive positions on important issues, if only out of sheer fear of third party candidates eventually taking their seats. Voting third party in a situation like this is an extremely powerful way to criticize the powers that be. If you don't do it, then you can't really call yourself a progressive.
Aug 22, 2012 Dr.Devo commented on A Lefty Challenger Takes on a Democratic Leader.
Thanks, 1. I couldn't have put it better myself. Vote Sawant!
Aug 20, 2012 Dr.Devo commented on Write-In Right On: 3,415 Voters Correctly Spell Kshama Sawant's Name.
Way to go Sawant, Socialist Alternative and the Stranger! Frank Chopp is a wolf in sheep's clothing and in no way represents progressive voters in Washington State. I've seen Kshama Sawant speak several times and I am convinced her values resonate much more with my own (and probably much more with the people dissing her and the Stranger). This is what an insurgent democratic movement looks like, and I am very proud to be doing my small part to support it!
May 2, 2012 Dr.Devo commented on Why All the Smashy-Smashy? A Beginner's Guide to Targeted Property Destruction..
Thanks to the author for the thoughtful and elucidating opinion piece and to the posters for their responses. This is one of the healthiest and most interesting debates I've seen in the SLOG in a long time, and it actually restores a little bit of my faith in Stranger readers.

I feel like I've been on damage control for the last 24 hours, trying to convince many of my friends of the vast differences between property destruction and violence on one end, and the black bloc as a strategy versus anarchism as a host of theories on the other. I just posted the link to this piece. Hopefully it helps further clear things up for some folks.
Dec 24, 2011 Dr.Devo commented on The Story Behind the Occupy Seattle Artist House Raided Last Night by a SWAT Team.
It seems like most of the posters in this thread (and on the SLOG in general) have a very poor understanding of Squaters' Rights Laws. If this ends up going to any kind of higher-level court, pretty much any and all charges against the squatters will be overturned. PLEASE do your reading on this stuff before starting to attack well-meaning (and in this case pretty well-informed) activists. I'm sorry they're not doing things exactly how you want... but perhaps many of you will change your tunes after YOU LOSE YOUR HOUSES.