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May 15, 2012 UrinalCupcake commented on Savage Love.
Heh. Maybe they ARE fapping to being canned by a rich guy. The sequel: 50 Shades of The Apprentice :D
Feb 5, 2012 UrinalCupcake commented on SL Letter of the Day: Convention Wisdom.
Yup, you'll get more attention from men - fit and otherwise - if you get fit. Is it possible that a fit, handsome guy might land in your lap if you don't slim down? Of course. And do non-physical attributes also contribute to overall attractiveness and appeal to potential SOs? Of course. But anyone who tells you that being out of shape won't limit your choices in the dating world is lying to you.


Get your butt to the gym. And read good books while yer on the treadmill, because just being fit & attractive doesn't cut it with quality partners.

Good luck, grasshopper.
Feb 2, 2012 UrinalCupcake commented on Savage Love.
@ 110 - that was my takeaway from the letter, too. He sounds like a complete dirtbag. Untrustworthy and certainly not SO material. I can't fathom how this dynamic could be remotely healthy for HITME.
Oct 18, 2011 UrinalCupcake commented on SL Letter of the Day: Dump the Fucker Mother Already.
Wow, what a thread. I rarely talk to other people about my "family" dynamics for reasons somewhat similar to others who've posted.

My mother presents herself as the victimiest victim that ever victimed, and while that was actually pretty horrifically accurate in her growing up years, she chose to be with 2 horrible husbands as a means of perpetuating her abuse. Unfortunately for the kids of her first husband, her second abused both her *and* her kids.

She cast an approving eye for the first many years, and chipped in considerably herself. Then, in part due to getting her meds straight, she reverted back to her victim role, which had enough historical evidence to keep me convinced of its accuracy for several subsequent years. Not yet realizing that the situation with her evil husband was one she was specifically engineering, I pleaded with her to leave him for several years before making my own escape in my early teens.

But I began to realize that she stayed with him because she WANTS it like that. She feasts on drama, tragedy, and her victimhood status, and her kids were proxy participants. Everyone she knows but my sibling and I have pity for her, and are duped by her cloak of victimhood – and her re-writing of history. We know better: she CHOSE it for herself and for us, and we know what happened because we were there.

I have barely spoken to her in the past decade, and doubt I will communicate with her again before she dies. Which I hope will be preceded by the death of her scumbag husband, and soon. My sibling has some contact, but keeps it very, very limited. I plan to share a bottle of champagne with my sibling when I get word that either of them has died.

Some parents are just Very Bad People, and the relationship should be severed as soon as it can be.
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