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Dec 4, 2012 Never rong commented on Savage Love.
Oh Dan, don't hedge your bet by publishing letters from cry-babies. Acknowledge the hornets nest and get back to work. If I want diatribe I'll read the comments.
Mar 13, 2012 Never rong commented on Savage Love.
Just admit that this week's column was a yawner. Bloodstains on the sheets? Hmmmm... better make the bed and pretend it was like that when you checked in. Too much common sense, not enough freaks!
Oct 19, 2011 Never rong joined My Stranger Face
Oct 19, 2011 Never rong commented on Savage Love.
Thumbs up for "crazy cock hungry danger sluts". I found 'shitting eggs' opportunistically sexist - dan just couldn't resist slipping it in there - since he'll never have to deal with ovulation himself. Alas, humor is subjective. I may use that one among friends, if there are no broads around.

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